What is flightseeing?

Flightseeing is sightseeing and is most commonly achieved from a float plane. Flightseeing often includes viewing places of interest that are inaccessible to other motorized modes of travel. Float planes cost much less than a helicopter to operate, making them common choices for sightseeing tours from the air. This relatively low cost of operation translates to low prices but high thrilling tours!

Float planes can land safely in small Alpine lakes; therefore, a flightseeing tour is the perfect tour add-on for ecotours, backcountry hiking adventures, fly in fishing and other remote backcountry vacations.

Nimpo Lake is often referred to as the float plane capital of Canada. Stewarts Lodge at Nimpo Lake BC, in the West Chilcotin, is owned by Duncan Stewart but began it’s operation in 1953 with Duncan Stewart’s father offering his fishing expertise while providing five star hospitality