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  1. Hi could some one let me know the rules on Camping on Crown Land in Quebec.
    I live about 10 miles from a Large area of crown land. but can not find any information on it I do have Maps of the crown land in my area.

  2. Hi Clayton! I need a recommendation for a 4 person tent that can hold up to a prairie storm. I am looking for a full snap on fly and a vestibule. Tough making a decision with so many choices and little experience. Hoping to stay in the $400 dollar range.

    1. I haven’t purchased tent recently but from my last purchase I have one piece of information that you must look into. Check to see if the seams have been sealed. If not, purchase a tube of …soemthing…I think it was called seam sealer, and dab it along all of the seams. It is not very comfortable to wake up in a pool of water.

      As far as dew building on the outside of the tent and coming through, I don’t know if that can be remedied. I found that if I put a fly on before going to sleep, the due usually isn’t too bad. I don’t think there is any tent that can stop the moisture from getting on a sleeping child who likes to roll around in their sleep and hit the outer wall. Maybe you can watch for a design that helps folks to not roll into the wall?

      Having said that, After years of trying to build and find the perfect shelter, my next tent is going to be a tipi! I would have to carry the poles on my truck racks and the canvas in the box but I don’t think there is ny portable shelter that can be as sturdy as a tipi when it is windy and there is not tent that you can light a fire in the middle of to keep warm.

      Here is a quote from http://tentsmiths.com “TIPI is a Sioux word for dwelling. The Tipi is the final evolution of the conical tent, ever popular in the north. It’s shape sheds wind and rain while the smoke flaps allow the owner to adjust for a good smoke draw with the wind from any direction. Although the Tipi is a bit harder to transport than the smaller tents, the days and nights spent in this shelter are impossible to duplicate and become lasting memories

      Here is one tipi manufacturer in Vancouver BC: (unfortunately this will be out of the $400 range)

      here are a few more sites that may help your consideration of a tipi.


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