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View on Amazon USAAmazon Canada Adventures website has served outdoor enthusiasts for 20 years and owner Clayton Kessler is now excited to present ‘Discover The Way’, a compilation of dozens of interviews from outdoor enthusiasts. 

Outdoor wisdom compiled in the back of the book and is quoted on each image throughout the book.

A gift for the adventurer

Interested in hiking, trekking, through hiking, walkabouts, and munro bagging? Then this book is for you! Over 40 adventurers from around the world share their achievements, mishaps and outdoor lessons learned, in this giant book of outdoor wisdom. Dozens of magnificent full colour wilderness scenes are included throughout these pages.

The authors love of the outdoors grew from childhood experiences that began in the Kootenay area of British Columbia, Canada. On five acres of treed land, his family built a log home near Nakusp, BC. In the remote ranching community of Big Creek, BC, he attended a one room country schoolhouse. Several of the children traveled to school by horse. It was not a typical 80’s school circumstance. While in the Chilcotin country, Clayton and his six brothers helped local ranchers with trail drives that lasted up to three days. Those childhood experiences created a love of nature that would never leave.
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Outdoor wisdom from around the World

Outdoor wisdom compiled in the back of the book and also quoted on each image throught the book.

Outdoor wisdom quote by Jeff Walker from "Discover The Way" Tracks And Trails Adventures book.

World’s Best Outdoor Stores

Each outdoor enthusiast interviewed provided their thoughts on great outdoor stores to visit and these were the top 16.

Adventurers from around the world chose these outdoor stores to shop at!

Worlds’ Best Outdoor Websites

Outdoor experts and enthusiasts from around the world were asked about their favorite websites and they are listed at the end of ‘Discover The Way’.

From adventurers around the world, we give you the worlds best outdoor websites!

Braemore Mountain Sports – UK
Cabela’s – USA
Campmor – USA
Columbia Sportswear – USA
MEC – Canada

Millets – UK
Mountain Designs – Australia
Outdoor Divas – USA
Paddy Pallin – Australia

Sierra Trading Post – USA
Taiga Works – Canada
The House – USA
The Summit Hut – USA
Uncle Johnny’s – Erwin TN, USA

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