Thone Lake in Kootenay Boundary

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Free Camping at Thone Lake in Kootenay Boundary recreation site has 7 Campsites and you can go to the site with a two wheel drive! Enjoy marvelous Camping, attractive Canoeing, Fishing, Swimming opportunities.

Amenities: Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Thone Lake in Kootenay Boundary District, BC

Thone Lake in Kootenay Boundary District, BC

Site Description: Nine, treed, folksy camping sites on the south and north west side of the lake.

Driving Directions: Turn off Highway 33 onto Highway 43 (Christian Valley Road) at Westbridge. Reset odometer and follow Highway 43 for 27 km then turn right onto Losthorse Creek Forest Service Road (FSR) for 0.1 km now turn left onto Losthorse-Thone Lake FSR and drive 14 km to recreation site.

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Thone Lake in Kootenay Boundary
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  1. A group of five of us made it up to Thone Lake this past week. The picture available on this website is definitely NOT of Thone Lake, as there is no beach area whatsoever, unless you count the gravelly slope into the lake where you’re supposed to launch your boat. Also, there is not mountain as shown in picture that close to the lake, and the lake is very small, so we could boat all around it in a few minutes and see the scenery all around.
    The sites have outhouses, picnic table and some have fire pits. That is all for amenities, but it’s free and the fish are pretty easy to catch, according to the ones who did do some fishing. Lake trout, very tasty.
    There’s lots of available dead wood, but we had a guy with a power saw who could cut them into manageable sizes to transport manually to our campsite.
    There were a couple of bears sited, mother and cub, not very far from our campsite.
    We were there towards end of August, and even though Penticton had high 20’s for temperature, it got down to 6-7 at night and not much warmer than maybe 20 in daytime, as the elevation is quite high. One of our group went in the water, but we’re all in our 60’s to early 70’s, maybe younger ones would be braver.

    It’s quite a drive to nearest store and gas station at Rock Creek, so bring all you need for the time you stay there.

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