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Camping at Nunatuk Govt Camp in Yukon is a recreation destination. There are total 10 campsites. You can go to the site and enjoy Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, Climbing opportunities.

Amenities: Pump water available, Boat launch.

Nunatuk Govt Camp , Yukon

Nunatuk Govt Camp , Yukon

Site Description: Previous attempts at exploring the high mountain regions along the ice cap had shown that it would be exceedingly difficult to carry sufficient supplies for a journey lasting one month from a base in the fjords. In this region the large glaciers are heavily crevassed and cannot be used as routes by expeditions 1950) had tried to travel westwards along the large Jaette Gletscher from a base camp near Gregorys Gletscher, northeast of Petermanns Bjerg, but we had failed. It became obvious that to make our planned journey across the inland nunataks we must either find a place where the first 1,700 metres above the sea could be climbed without difficulty, or arrange for supplies to be dropped by aircraft for a sledge party.

Driving Directions: Off highway 4 at km 543.3, then 15 km on Frenchman Road.

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Nunatuk Govt Camp
62.1, -135.48

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