Willard Lake Free Camping

At Willard Lake you will enjoy  2 Campsites and be able to get there with a Motorhome


Site Description:The Recreation Site is located in open grass rangeland. There are no table or fire rings at this site. Only 2 toilets, located across the road.

Driving Directions:Going up the hill from Ashcroft (Hwy 97C), on one of the switchbacks is a sign for Barnes Lake. This is 8.7km from the bridge in Ashcroft. Turn north. Willard Lake is located 1 km from this turn off.

Why Food Storage? Top reasons for Food Storage below

Let’s face it. The thought of food storage is a bit daunting right? We know, we get it. With that being said, the reason it’s constantly discussed and we’re pushed to get it done is because of how truly important it is. More importantly the uncertainties we face are out of our control, yet we have complete control on how we prepare for it.

At Wise Foods, we’ve explored, experienced and truly innovated food storage. The purpose of food storage is to be ready for any situation. Beyond a simple 72 hour kit, we’ve complied thetop reasons to have food storage.

Natural Disasters

Unfortunately for some, you’re put into a situation because of a particular crisis. This could be anything from an earthquake, flood, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes — the list is never ending it feels like. It’s common for most of us to think, “that will never to happen to me”, but believe me it does. Luckily though, if you’ve prepared for such a tragic event you’ll be ready to face it.

Food Preparation

As you work to prepare your food storage plan, you’ll find that it teaches you about the fundamentals of food preparation. As you buy foods for your food storage you’ll notice certain foods have different shelf life, have certain types of preparation, etc. This makes you consider all types of things as you compile your food storage.

Emergency Prepardness

I can think of a handful of things we pay for on a monthly basis that are as important as food storage. We know they’ll pay off for us. We should all think about Food Storage the same way. Food storage is no different and will no doubt pay dividends when you and your family enter into a time of need or desperation.


With the current economic crisis going up and down, a lot have been left without jobs. As a way to relieve some stress, food storage can bring happiness to you knowing your family can have food on the table.

Peace of Mind

With all of these points about proper food storage the key is to have peace of mind for you and your loved one. For us at Wise Foods, we take an innovative approach in providing ready-made food storage meals. We make your emergency food supply dependable, simple, and most importantly — affordable.

Whispering Spruce Campground near Golden BC

Whispering Spruce Campground near Golden BC is the place to make  your escape to spectacular beauty. With rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep grazing along the embankments as you near Golden and even in the grassy meadows of the campground, this is the camping location to begin an outdoor adventure.
Outdoor adventure near Whispering Spruce Campground

Outdoor adventure near Whispering Spruce Campground

Campground Amenities:

Laundry Facilities
Convenient Store
Internet Service
Sites with: Elctric, Water and Eletric, and Water, Electric & Sewer

Different types of charges at Whispering Spruce Campground.

Tent Site: $25.00
Tent Site (w/ 15 amp electric): $30.00
*Max 4 people
*Extra person $3.00

Different types of Campsites Available.

Campsites are all filled with trees and along side South Kicking Horse River.

Website: http://www.whisperingsprucecampground.com/

1430 Golden View Road

Phone Number


Whale Lake Free Camping

At Whale Lake you will enjoy 2 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Description:Whale Lake is a small lake accessible by 2 wheel drive. The recreation site provides access to fish, camp and boat at Whale Lake.

Driving Directions:Southwest of 100 Mile House. Access via 1000 Road (Gustafsen South Forest Road).

Whale Lake Free Camping

Westside Regional District - Black Canyon - Follow up

This hiking post is a follow up to the previous post.  A Tracks And Trails visitor and I have been trying to determine the location of the Black Canyon Trail Head in the closed Black Canyon Regional Park on the Westside.

The first picture is where we parked on Tuesday.

These are the directions.


Frontage on Both Sides of Sandberg Drive


From Westbank Town Ctr., north on Elliot Rd., right on Shetler Dr., left on Sandberg Drive.

The problem is that at Sandberg Road at the mailboxes you walk up the hill, then enter an open pit, with a paved road in front of you (which I think might be the Old Okangan highway). The Smith Creek Retreat and Camp is also located just up the hill from the mailboxes and down the road about 50 feet.

That is where the Smith Creek MBT starts, but there are no signs showing hte Black Canyon trail, and it is not clear where the trail starts.

I didn’t realize it was closed. Maybe that is why I could not find the trail for Black Canyon.

That is strange, as the sign at the Constable Memorial (Glen Canyon Park) shows the trail as being an active trail.

Well, thanks for trying.  Maybe a website visitor will be familiar with it and post new info. here.

Those instructions though will not take people to the trailhead as far as I could tell. As you walk straight up the hill and hit the road and then there are tons of trails that spread out (MBT) I believe.

Unless from the mailboxes, I missed it and the trailhead was before the paved road. ??…

Please post any info. you may have by using the comment link below.


Wells Gray Provincial Park Hiking Trails

I am planning for a 3 day kayaking trip in Wells Gray Provincial Park this coming weekend.  Just wanted to share some great hiking trail info about the area.

This site provides Wells Gray route information and is defined by the type of activity. Kayaking, Hiking, Camping etc.

This site is built by one of the park rangers and gives information about what you can enjoy on the way to Clearwater Lake.  It is called The Corridor Part 1 and the Corridor Part 2

Here is the Wells Gray Provincial Park website.

A map of the Clearwater Lake Area and Campground.

What’s a good short hike I can take (2 hours or less)?

Foot Lake

Placid Lake

Helmcken Rim Trail

Ray Farm-Alice Lake-Ray Mineral Spring

Bailey’s Chute-West Lake

Sticta Falls/Dragons Tongue

Osprey Falls Viewpoint

What’s a good medium hike I can take (1-3 hours)?

Placid Lake (Green Mountain) to Whitehorse bluffs

Pyramid Mountain –Majerus Falls

Clearwater Lake Lookout

What’s a good long hike I can take (3-8 hours)?

Battle Mountain

Flat Iron

Chain Meadows

Majerus Loop (bug spray please!)

Trails only for the very experienced and well equipped

The trail to be base of Helmcken Falls-steep and rocky

via corridor2.

Wells Gray Provincial Park - Clearwater Lake Kayaking and Hiking

I was asked to help find a good kayaking trip and join a friend for 3 days and two nights of outdoor adventure. After a lot of research we decided to head for Clearwater Lake in Wells Gray Provincial Park. The clear waters surrounded by the pristine wilderness in the Cariboo Mountain Range did not disappoint!

Clearwater Lake is in Wells Gray Provincial Park. To get there from Kelowna we drove to Kamloops and took Highway 5 North past McLure, Barriere (where the damaged forests from the 2003 fires were still very evident) until we reached Clearwater and then turned off the highway and onto Clearwater Valley Road. View the map here. The Clearwater Valley Road is referred to as the “Corridor Area” of Wells Gray Provincial Park. It is just one section of this amazing park.

Along the 67 km corridor, numerous sidetrips will attract your attention.  Several examples are:
Spahats Creek Park and Spahats Falls
Trophy Mountain Hike and Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows
Moul Falls
Green Mountain and Placid Lake Hiking Trails
Dawson Falls
Helmcken Falls and Helmcken Falls Rim Trail
The Mushbowl

The drive to the lake took roughly 4 hours from Kelowna. Since we wanted kayak farther up the lake to set up our camp , we didn’t have the time to take in side trips, except for one.  With Helmcken Falls being Canada’s fourth tallest waterfall at 462 feet, we could not drive by without taking the 3 km sidetrip to the Helmcken Falls Viewpoint. The falls are incredible to see, next time I go I will stop at the Helmcken Falls Rim Trail and hike the four kilometers to view them.

I believe a natural wonder like the Helmcken Falls will leave a deep appreciation and warm your soul if you have to work a bit to get there. I am thankful that we could save time and drive right to the falls but after leaving the fenced off viewpoints and groups of tourists, I likened the experience to having a fast food meal as opposed to the fine dining that was just next door.

At the South end of Clearwater Lake you can camp at the Clearwater Lake Provincial Park campground with the Clearwater River running from the lake past the campground and over Osprey Falls right at the end of the campground or you park overnight at the boat launch overnight while you kayak or canoe down the lake to one of the four wilderness campsites. We of course chose the latter.

After kayaking for approx. 10 km, we came to the “boat access only” Bar View campsite. The site was a paradise.  We enjoyed the long sandy beach on the pristine wilderness shoreline too much so for the second day we took the kayaks to Divers Bluff campsite and Eagles Lookout Trail across the lake. Divers Bluff is a fantastic site but does not have the nice sand to enjoy.

Eagles Lookout Trail Head was easy to find.  The 1.3 km trail began with lush moss covered ground and large cedars, fir and birch trees in a spacious forest and ended with a steep gruelling hike that brought you to appropriately named Eagles Lookout. With an elevation gain of 250 meters, the view was great and the rocky lookout that jutted out over the edge of an enormous cliff made for a perfect hike!

For more Wells Gray Information see these Tracks And Trails posts:

Helmcken Falls

Majesty and Tragedy

Hiking Trails in Wells Gray Provincial Park

Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park In Clearwater BC

Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park

Camp along the hemp creek. Hiking trails
take you to explore, swimming lake, hot showers and much more

Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park located in central British Columbia approximately 50minutes by car from the town of Clearwater. Clearwater is the gateway to the world reknown Wells Gray Provincial Park and while you enjoy the area, Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park in Clearwater is the place to be!

Regardless of how you camp, this resort has it all, bring a tent, RV, or nothing and there will be a campsite, RV site or cabin just for you!

http://www.wellsgraygolfresortandrvpark.com/ at the website you can view a panoramic interactive 360 video. Check it out! Oh, and aside from world class kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and camping, yes there is Golf!

Wap Lake W. Free Camping

At Wap Lake W. you will enjoy 1 Campsites and be able to get there with a Motorhome

Facilities:Boat Launch,Tables, Toilets

Site Description:This is a small timbered site on a beautiful little lake, Wap Lake. Good fishing and viewing opportunities. Caution – access is via an active logging road.

Driving Directions: Wap Lake can be reached using the Wap Creek forest service road, which starts at the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Three Valley Gap. While road conditions vary with weather, two-wheel drive vehicles can usually use this road in summer. The site is located at 12 km on the Wap Lake Forest Service Road .

Wap Lake W. Free Camping

Wadey Camping

At Wadey you will enjoy 30 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Description:The Wadey Recreation Site is a large and popular site just south of Laforme Creek on Lake Revelstoke. It has 30 sites nestled in the trees, a boat launch and a day use / beach area. It is maintained under an agreement with Wildland Consulting Inc. A $10.00 camping fee per day ($5.00 for disabled and seniors) will apply from the beginning of May to mid October.

Driving Directions:The site is located on Highway 23, 25 km north of the Trans Canada Highway.

Wadey Camping

Volcano Mountain - Lake Country (near Kelowna, BC)

Hiking Trails around Lake Country offer something for every type of hiker.  Volcano Mountain – not the official name – is located just south of Winfield and offers a fantastic view of Duck Lake, Kelowna International Airport and surrounding the Lake Country.

Volcano Mountain - just south of Winfield and west of the Kelowna International Airport.

Volcano Mountain - just south of Winfield and west of the Kelowna International Airport.

This was a great hike, approx 50 minutes to the top with snow shoes for 2/3 of the way. Finally this is off my bucket list. Within the next 2 weeks I will go back in but from the west.

Questions…leave a comment. There was an elevation gain of 270m with short but fairly steep sections, once the snow disappears I plan to cruise all over in there.  

This Hike brought to you by Phil C.

Valley of Ghosts- Ainsworth Hotsprings

Valley of Ghosts in the Kootenays is listed in this hiking site because you have to hike to get to some of the Ghost Towns in British Columbia and because my home town is not too far away from the few that I have listed. 🙂 The ghost towns of the Valley of the Ghosts are located along the route from New Denver to Kaslo and include;

Galena Trail
New Denver
Idaho Peak Lookout
K & S Historic Railway

Ainsworth was a great way to end our trip. The pool admission was included with our room (total with tax was less than $200). The room was excellent but the pool was better. My camera is not usable underwater but I can tell you that the caves / tunnell were excellent. The main tunnel that takes you into the mountain engulfs you with waist deep hot mineral water pouring in after being forced up from the center of the Earth and relaxes you with enchanting soft echos of other hot springs enthusiasts while any aches from hiking around the ghost towns melt away in the clouds of steam.

Ainsworth Hotsprings Caves

Ainsworth Hotsprings Caves

Ainsworth Hotel

Ainsworth Hotel

The winding road to Ainsworth

The winding road to Ainsworth

Kootenay Lake view from Ainsworth Hot Springs

Kootenay Lake view from Ainsworth Hot Springs

Hiking Trail and outdoor areas of interest near Ainsworth Hotsprings are:
Fletcher Falls
Cody Caves
Sandon and Idaho Peak
Mt. Buchanan Lookout
Whitewater Creek
Keen Creek
Fry Creek Canyon
Other Secret Places!
You can find out more information on these outdoor experiences by going to wildTours.com or calling 1-800-759-2456a

British Columbia has birthed many small towns that died in infancy and are now part of our colourful history. Pictures and words cannot express the feelings I have when surrounded by crumbling ruins of a forgotten time. So I suggest you drive through the valley of Ghosts as it will be well worth your time.

Hiking Trail and outdoor areas of interest near Ainsworth Hotsprings are:
Fletcher Falls
Cody Caves
Sandon and Idaho Peak
Mt. Buchanan Lookout
Whitewater Creek
Keen Creek
Fry Creek Canyon
Other Secret Places!
You can find out more information on these outdoor experiences by going to wildTours.com or calling 1-800-759-2456

Barkerville, near Quesnel may be the most famous and best restored ghost town of BC. But the Valley of Ghosts in the Kootenays between New Denver and Kaslo has so much to offer….for FREE!

Valentine Lake free Camping

At Valentine Lake free you will enjoy 9 Campsites and be able to get there with a Motorhome

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Description:Located west of 100 Mile House, the recreation site is a popular fishing and hunting destination that is suitable for campers and small trailers.

Driving Directions:From 100 Mile House turn west onto Exeter Station road and Gustafsen Lake(1100)road and follow for 8km. Turn south onto the 800 road and travel for 9.5km to Valentine Lake.

Valentine Lake free Camping