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The Coast region of British Columbia extends from what mainlanders of BC refer to as "The Coast" - meaning Vancouver BC area that borders Washington USA all the way past Vancouver Island, Prince Ruper and the Queen Charlottes and up to the Alaskan Pan Handle. It not only includes mountainous regions such as the Coastal Mountains but also rain forest areas as well as over 40 000 Islands of all sizes. The most popular Islands being Vancouver Island, The Gulf Islands and Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). So come explore and discover the British Columbia Coast while you Camp for Free!

Woss Lake Free Camping

At Woss Lake you will enjoy 24 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive.

Facilities:Boat Launch, Tables, Toilets

Site Description:

Among the trees you can enjoy a large site with numerous campsites . Sandy beach, swimming and boat access will provide you a great opportunity to explore the rest of the lake .

Driving Directions:

From Port McNeill, travel southeast on Highway 19. Turn right at Woss and turn left at the logging camp office. Go across the bridge and travel another 1.5 km to the Woss Lake turnoff. The campsite is on the right.

Free Camping Map


Windsor Lake Free Camping

At Windsor Lake you will enjoy 2 Campsites and be able to get there with Boat-in (Non-Motorized)! Enjoy Camping, Canoeing, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Swimming opportunities.

Amenities:Boat Launch,Tables,Toilets,Wharfs


Site Description: is an an overnight stop on the Powell Forest Canoe Route in preparation for the portage to Goat Lake.

Driving Directions:Paddle on the Powell Forest Canoe Route

Montague Creek in Discovery Coast

Free Camping at Montague Creek in Discovery Coast you will enjoy 2 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive! You will get from there, nice Canoeing service, enjoyable Boating facilities, picnicking & Great Camping opportunities.



Site Description:A small site next to Montague creek. Suitable for day-use and parties of one or two. Site is used by hunters during the season.

Free Camping at Montague Creek in Discovery Coast Map

Cowichan Valley Trail Map Video and GPS Starting Points

Cowichan Valley Trail Map,GPS Starting Points

N 48.65910 W 123.69797 Starting point from parking lot,South end of Kinsol Trestle.
From the Trans Canada Hwy #1 From Victoria drive north to Mill bay ,
Turn West at …read more view map at original website.

N 48.75827 W 123.79004 Starting point to Holt Creek Trestle.
Parking lot, Is about 1.3 km to the Trestle.
From Trans Canada Hwy in Duncan,Turn left on Allenby rd rd drive to …read more view map at original website.

N 48.77732 W 123.93039 Parking lot starting point for Mile 66 Trestle.
Drive up Cowichan Valley Hwy # 18 turn left at Mayo rd ,turn left on Riverbottom rd …read more view map at original website.

N 48.82177 W 124.04776 Parking lot starting point.
Starting point ,Drive to the town of Lake Cowichan from Duncan on Cowichan Valley Hwy #18
The best starting point from Lake Cowichan,Start from end of Pine st.
MILE 70.2 Trestle is…read more view map at original website.

N 48.63417 W 123.651708 Parking Lot starting point.
From Victoria,Travel on the Malahat # 1Hwy,Turn left on shawnigan lake rd,Go to the lake ,
This road changes its name to Renfrew rd ,Turn left at West Shawnigan rd turn right at
McGee Creek rd.McGee Creek Trestle is …read more view map at original website.

Cowichan Valley Trail Video

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Cone Head Free Camping in Haida Gwaii

Cone Head is a recreation site in the Haida Gwaii region of British Columbia with 2 campsites that are free to camp at.
Access is by road. Enjoy the Beach, Camping, Caving and general Nature Study.

Haidi Gwaii: The Queen Charlotte Islands” written by Dennis Horwood has a plethora of  information on the area. You can read part of the book that discusses Rennel Sound and get more information about the area by following the link above.

Camp for free at Cone Head Recreation Site

There are no flush toilets or reservations.
Enjoy the adventure and please post your comments and pictures below.

Update: I just found out that as of 2009 Cone Head and other rec sites are no longer recreation sites as such but are managed by BC Parks: cone head rec-site in Haida Gwaii

Cone Head Free Camping Map

Amor Lake Free Camping

At Amor Lake Free Camping  you will enjoy 7 Campsites and be able to get there with a two wheel drive!” You will get many facilities from there such as vary interesting Boating, Camping, Nice Canoeing & Great Fishing opportunities.

Driving Directions:

There are two ways to get to this site. From Campbell River, head north on Highway 19. Turn left on to Menzies Mainline (gravel road), roughly 14.5 km out of town. Drive for another 15 km to the junction of the Long Lake road. Turn right and follow the road for roughly 6.5 km – turn right (should be a sign) and you’ll come to the Amor Lake site 2.8 km in. Watch for logging traffic on the mainline. From Campbell River, head north on Highway 19, but head all the way to Roberts Lake. Just before the resort, turn left and follow the Blackwater Road signs. The Amor Lake site is 9 km from the highway junction.

Free Camping of Amor Lake Map