good day everyone
i’m daryl
and this
is big buck bushcraft
in an earlier video
i said i was going to work on finding
and sourcing fatwood
here is a nice little
you stump see that it’s obviously old
so as forest did years ago and the stump i guess when it
gets cut down it cauterizes the top of
and the stump is getting fed food for
the whole tree and the grains in the
tree just get saturated with pitch
which helps them
stay around for so long
so i grabbed my little hatchet
and i just go around and i hit them
and for a stump this old to be that hard
and you can see
like sap sugar
so you chip into it
and you smell some of those pieces
there’s that pitch
so i’m gonna go grab my saw and we’re
gonna cut a chunk out
and we’re gonna see how nice it is
we’ll take a chunk right out of the
front here and see what happens
let’s see all that nice stop in pitch
and then yeah
like i showed in previous videos
you get your hands on a more a knife
you can do your
shave off a nice smooth spot
exposing all of the pitch
and again with the back ear blade
there it is
so i found another stump just over here
i’m gonna go cut that one out
and see if we can find some nice rich
chunks like this too
because this whole stump
all of this
probably even into the ground into part
of the roots
is going to be full of this fat wood
and this stuff you can burn in the rain
in the snow in the wind
and obviously i’m mostly finding this on
pine stumps
but uh
some of the fir trees and stuff too
i’ll have just as much
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thanks for watching