By Tracks And Trails Ranger: Darryl Thomson

Big Buck Bush Craft

Help Us Create an Outdoor Course.

Thank you to those who have provided valuable feedback about what should be offered in a Canadian Outdoor Survival and bush craft course! We hope to aquire a little more feedback before commiting to the final course offering but, here are the results thus far and we will offer what you suggested!

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About Our BushCraft Practices

“Darryl Thomson is a backcountry bushcraft expert, and carpenter / wood working craftsman who resides near Kelowna BC. Clayton Kessler is webmaster of, author of “Discover The Way, Tracks And Trails Adventures”, and hiker who lives in Kelowna, BC.

Darryls bushcraft expertise and Clayton’s long term plan to provide backcountry adventures, wilderness weekends and Survival training is planned for 2023. Darryl’s YouTube videos listed here will help provide more background information. While we form the survival course details,  we are polling outdoor enthusiasts to find what types of survival and bushcraft training is in demand. Thank you for completing the form above and helping with the plan! 

Big Buck Bush Craft


Darryl Thomson is the founder of Big Buck Bush Craft. Darryl was born and raised in the prairies where he enjoyed regular camping, fishing and exploring activities.

He spent a couple summers in Kelowna BC with cousins and returned to stay and explore.

Early on, in his backwoods hikes, bike rides and ski trips he realized how ill prepared he was. That realization found him seeking out bushcraft experts, books and gear which then became a lifetime of learning the craft of how to survive in the wilderness.

Darryl states that good backcountry skills come from practice and going on camping and hiking trips with family and friends as a bug out practice where you discover what is really needed and whati is not practical or unnecessary.