Trip Plan

Trip Plan

Whether taking a short hike for just a few hours or a longer camping trip for multiple days, always tell someone where you are going and what optional areas you may be exploring.

The following is my trip plan for a three day and two night backpacking, canoeing and hiking trip. I was just going to write an email and send it to my wife but even if one person reads this or is reminded to write something down and tell someone where they will be in the outdoors, it may save a tragedy from happening.

Hello Suzanne, …I miss you already! I will be leaving Friday afternoon, driving to Vernon then East to the Arrow Lakes on Highway 6. I will have a little short visit with my folks in Cherryville. After the ferry across Arrow Lakes I will stop at my brother’s place in Hills, just south of Nakusp.

If I don’t stay at my brothers place Friday night I will camp in the woods somewhere around Upper and Lower Little Slocan Lakes. On Saturday morning we will find the parking lot for Gimli Ridge Hike in the Valhalla Provincial Park. After parking there we will hike up to the ridge and come back down. I do not intend to try to summit Gimil …just enjoy the hike to the ridge.

On Saturday night our camp location will depend on what we discovered after our hike if we had time to explore at all….we may camp at the same spot as Friday night .

The itinerary for Sunday really depends on how long it takes us to get going Saturday morning and how fast the boys hike. Gimli Ridge Video My goal for Sunday is to visit Alamo and / or Cody tjen drive home.

I will contact you when I get to my brothers or when I get to Nakusp. That should be no later than 5pm Sunday July 28 Love you 🙂 talk to you soon!