Alamo, Sandon, Cody and the Galena Trail in the valley of the Ghosts!

My family and I were awarded with some fantastic discoveries while on short vacation to the Kootenays in early July. After driving over the Monashees, dodging the deer on the road, taking the Needles Ferry (free ferry ride), stopping for a visit at Nakusp and finally getting a room at the Inn in New Denver we found the Galena Trail and Alamo, a ghost town that you cannot get to by motorized vehicle.

Upon taking the short drive from New Denver to Three Forks (which was also a boom town but nothing remains now), we discovered a small parking area just to the right as you turn towards Sandon, BC. This parking area is for those who want to begin a hike along the Galena Trail. I highly recommend it. Here is an exert from the Galena Trail brochure “Explore the 13-km trail from Roseberry to Three Forks. The Nakusp and Slocan (N&S) Railway is no more, yet the smoke from the wood-fired boilers and the howl of the steam whistle still linger in the air.” The brochure also mentions a few hazards:

  • Rock Slides
  • Steep drop-offs
  • Devil’s Club (sharp thorns)
  • Bridges
  • Cable Car

Yes, that is correct – a cable car! We had just hiked a short 1km or so from the Trail Head and found Alamo with ruins to explore and then went just a few feet further and discovered an awesome surprise when we tried the self propelled cable car – one at a time – to propell us back and forth across Carpenter Creek!

That was cool, but the Alamo ruins are great as no “touristy” stuff is done – having said that it is quite dangerous as walls of several buildings look like they are ready to collapse if you look at them the wrong way! If you step in the right spot you may even be able to take a rusty spike home for a souvenier as it will be stuck directly in your unsuspecting foot. 🙁

I wish we had time to follow the Galena Trail on to New Denver and Roseberry but it was already late and we had to get back to the room. The next day we discovered Sandon and Cody BC…but that will be in another post. 🙂