Iceland Vatnajökull national park and Landmannalaugar

Iceland Vatnajökull national park and Landmannalaugar

Imagine a country that defines the term “backcountry” and you have Iceland. The main highway pretty much requires a 4×4. Water crossings a frequent, even on the main road circling the island, and pavement is reserved only for the capital city of Reykjavík.

I spent 3 weeks in Iceland in August, and weather-wise, it could have been Newfoundland. Kinda gloomy and overcast, but it seemed the sun would always come out when we stopped for a hike.

One of my favourites was in Vatnajökull national park. jökull means glacier. The trail made its was from sea level up into the mountains and to the glacier covered volcano, passing a series of waterfalls on the way. It was not a beginner hike. Once near the top, the network of possible trails was impressive. you could easily spend months hiking trails in the park and never step on the same trail twice. this park is located in the south east part of iceland.

Another sweet hike more inland pushed through fields of obsidian and fluffy white flowers (weeds?) in Landmannalaugar. Again, the trail possibilities were endless and the scenery was incredible. In a few hours we walked through many places that no other place on earth can offer. There were ridge walks, valleys to explore, obsidian everywhere and bubbling hotsprings of mud and acid.

From hiking up and across rivers to spectacular water falls, walking on the edge of crazy pressure craters, and finding random sheep in the wierdest places, iceland is one of the greatest places i have ever hiked.