Recording Outdoor GPS Tracks from your camping and fishing trips.

Recording Outdoor GPS Tracks from your camping and fishing trips.

When you enjoy the wilderness, open your smart phone GPS (Global Positioning System), take pictures and have them geotagged so you can upload and share your adventures. Then not only will your friends be able to see your pictures but also exactly where the picture was! For example, I found a few awesome crown land camping locations last weekend and now I can show on TracksAndTrails where they are.

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Unfortunately I have an old BlackBerry smartphone. I took pictures and the pictures are geotagged. My old BB Curve was one of the few models that had a GPS but for me to share them, I have to upload the track and pictures to where you can see the pictures and exactly where they are. Those pictures didn’t come through though when I converted the track to kML, uploaded the track to Google maps and inserted into my WordPress website.

So I think I will upload the to now and try to get the code from that site as I think it will work in WordPress and show the pictures on the map as popups….this problem will be fixed when I get a new phone. The Android phones and actually all new smart phones have a real GPS chip in them. When I got my blackberry it was the only smartphone that had a GPS that worked off of satellite’s, all the other phone gps’s worked off of cell phone towers – now all the smart phones have gps’s so a track can be made way out in the bush even when one is away from cell phone towers and have no cell phone reception.

GPS is a space-based satellite navigation system. The GPS project was developed in 1973. Sharing your outdoor information gets easier and easier with new technology!