Illecillewaet Hiking Trails in Glacier National Park

The pictures below are from the Illecillewaet Campground and taken in summer 2009.  These pictures are taken from the Perley Rock hike and after several years of hiking the Illecillewaet, this was the best hike yet. (You can see Abbott Ridge in some of the photos, and it is lower than us.

Right up to the glacier and a nice glacial lake ( verrryyy cold).

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There are two national park campgrounds located within Rogers Pass National Historic Site, adjacent to our major historic site trails. Illecillewaet Campground has 60 campsites and is located just a few minutes walk from the 1885 Self-guiding Trail and Glacier House Self-guiding Trail. Loop Brook Campground with 20 campsites, is circled by the Loop Brook Self-guiding Trail. Both campgrounds are located just a few kilometres west of the summit of Rogers Pass. The campgrounds operate from late June to September, on a first come-first served basis. For more information, see the Glacier National Park website .

Glacier National Park Hiking Trails

Glacier National Park Hiking Trails

Mount Abbott Trail in Glacier National Park

Several summers past we took a day trip and  hiked Mount Abbott Trail  in Glacier National Park. I would reccomment to stay in the beautiful campground with lots of trees and a river running through it on your visit to Illecillewaet and Asulkan Valleys. You will not be dissapointed with the awe inspiring wilderness!

Clayton Hiking Mount Abbott

Clayton Hiking Mount Abbott

To get there:  travel north of Revelstoke BC along the Trans Canada Highway for about 45 minutes and watch for the campground on your right – before the Rogers Pass Summitt. The well marked Abbott Trail leads

Mount McDonald

Mount MacDonald

way up into alpine tundra (the land above the trees) and ends on a narrow ridge. The trail is steep but in very good condition.

As the trail exited the trees into Alpine Meadows, the display of boulders was very interesting!

boulder and Rock Formations

Boulder and Rock Formations

Abbot Ridge Trail and interesting Boulder Formations

Mount Abbott Trail and interesting Boulder Formations

Close to the top of Abbot Ridge

Close to the top of Mount Abbott

From the viewpoint a short hike away from Marion Lake, above the Trans Canada Highway,

Marion Lake, above the Trans Canada Highway

Marion Lake, above the Trans Canada Highway

hikers can see trains coming from or going into the Connaught tunnel. The tunnel was completed in 1916, as a way to protect rail traffic from the deadly avalanches of Rogers Pass. Hiking the Mount Abbott Trail was one of my favourites.

Near the end of trail, you can stop at the wide mountain top vista, or you can climb for several hundred more yards as the trail runs along a knife like ridge of sheer rock. The trail is not much more than a meter wide with breathtaking views and drop offs that made your stomach queazy!

Glacier National Park Hiking Trail near the top of Abbot Ridge

Glacier National Park Hiking Trail near the top of Abbott Ridge

The top of Abbot Ridge

The top of Abbott Ridge

Abbot Mountain's Knifelike Ridge

Mount Abbott Knifelike Ridge

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