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Jean Liu

Through Twitter I have traveled to  Shanghai, the financial hub of China and met a very business savy travel guide, Jean Liu. Jean states that Shanghai is known for urban tourism. You will find quick urban developments, history of the past and cultural legacy. Passion for sharing the Chinese culture and heritage has led Jean to become one of the founding parners in a dynamic travel business service called will allow a website visitor to select a guide in almost any major Asian city and embark on a sightseeing tour for as little as an hour or two or for more time if you have it. This service will be great for anyone traveling to Asia and China and if  someone has a flight layover, they will be able to get outdoors and see some sights that may not have been included in their itinerary!

The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is almost ready for the world to visit.  Jean Liu welcome’s you to the event! If you have any questions about Shanghai, China, or OurExplorer, your welcome to contact Jean Liu. Jean’s interview is below

Happy exploring! Have fun.





How and where were you introduced to the outdoors?

By the friend who works as tour leader for hiking. In China.

What has been your favourite outdoor recreations area?

Seeing the scenery along the way.

Please share an outdoor story related to one of the above areas.

When hiking in Tiger Leap Gorge, we went down to the Jinsha River and then up to the ladder to heaven. Always along the Jinsha River, but different feeling and views when we were down close to it, or watching it from high above.

Have you ever experienced a wilderness medical emergency or been lost in the wilderness? If so please describe this adventure and any lessons learned.

We usually join outdoor activities with professional leaders, so that no extreme occasions so far.

Can you share any unique encounters with wild animals?

Fireflies? Guess they are not that wild. It was a very enjoyable encounter though. We stayed overnight in the village rooms during a hiking in Chiang Mai. There were great trees and a river running by (reminded me of the scenes in “A river runs through it”). Chatting and singing after dinner, and we saw fireflies here and there.

If not previously mentioned, have you ever completed a thru-hike or multi-day backpacking trip and what nuggets of wisdom did you glean from it?

2 day hiking in Yubeng village, in the mountains of Yunnan province, southwest of China. Amazing scenery and nice local Tibetan people. Trust and follow your team leader, as they know the place and possibly your strength and limitations.

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Most Dangerous Trail in the World!

Most Dangerous Trail in the World!

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous hiking trail in the world could look like?

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous hiking trail in the world could look like?

Mount Huangshan in China is a dangerous hiking trail, treacherous and exilerating.  It is uncertain as to how many have lost hold and fell to a quick death but thankfully, it has become a popular tourist attraction and is safe to traverse due to its commercialization. A tram can be taken to get adventure seekers closer to the top and safety harnesses are available for the boardwalk section shown above.

Here is a google map of Mount Huangshan location.

Details and study of Mount Huangshan (Huan Shan, Mt Huashan).
Book an adventure tour at Mount Huangshan.

Indepth descriptions and comments from people who have survived the Post a comment at the bootom of the page and get entered into the $100 gift certificate that you could use at MEC – Mountain Equipment Co-op – one entry for every comment.