Camping List, Backpacking List, Hiking List

How To use this Checklist:

Please comment and tell us what you have in your backpack as well as what you would leave behind next time!

Choose items below that match your trip plans and the expected weather conditions and then print the list to double check the night before you leave.

The camping list  #3 at the bottome pretty much has everything but the kitchen sink so just copy the items that you want onto another program like Word and print so you can check off the items prior to leaving on your adventure.

Once you are on the trail, don’t worry about what you don’t have – if you have fire, water and shelter you will survive! (As long as you told someone where you are going and expected time of return so they can call 911 and have Searchers come find you when you don’t return at said time)


Camping Gear Checklists

First the list of 10+ Essentials

  1. Extra clothing layer(s)
  2. Drinking water
  3. Food (does not require cooking or heating)
  4. First-aid kit – with Tylenol, Chapstick, sunscreen
    & bandaids for blisters
  5. Hunting / Combination knife
  6. Fire lighting system (in waterproof container) and firestarter 
  7. Map of area (in waterproof case)
  8. Compass
  9. Headlamp or flashlight (with extra batteries/ bulbs)
  10. Your luxury items which might be stuff like  Sunglasses

BC Camping Checklist Number #1

* Can Opener


* Camping Games (~See here for all of them~)

* Cooler

* Swimming Mask (The water is so clear!)

* Camping Stove — Don’t forget to pick out some great campfire recipes

* Condiments

* Coffee Pot/Coffee

* Charcoal

* Alarm Clock

* Beverages (Chill before trip so ice don’t melt as fast)

* Drinking Cups

* Campfire Grill

* Toothbrush/Toothpaste

* Brush/Comb

* Jacket

* Fuel For Stove & Lantern

* Lantern/Extra Mantles

* Lighter Fluid or Newspaper To Start Campfire

* Mess Kits & Utensils (Including Tongs)

* Scouring Pad

* Skillet and Pots

* Foil (To cook them yummy trout in the campfire)

* Small Collapsable Table

* Thermos

* Towels

Camping Checklist #2 – Daypack or fanny pack

Rainproof coat with hood

Sunhat (or toque)



Fleece or warm layer

Wicking layer (or T-shirt)

Waterproof or quickdry pants (zip-offs preferable since you’ll the option of both shorts and full pants)

Hiking boots or shoes

Heavy socks (if you’re into layering thin/thick pairs)

Bear Spray (if in bear country)

Walking pole



Compass (or GPS)

First Aid Kit


Pocket knife

Lunch/snack (plus a little extra… just in case)

Water bottle (full)

Insect repellent


Toilet paper


Camping Checklist #3

Depending on your level of comfort, experience, personal preferences, you can top up the daypack with any number of goodies. A few optional items might include:

Water filter or water purification tablets


Bird/Flower field guide

Power gels and/or bars


Camera with flexible mini-tripod

Lightweight tarp (for shade or for hunkering down when the sky lets loose)

* Trash Bags (A MUST!)

* Dish Soap

* First Aid Kit (Including Aspring/Tylenol, Calamine lotion for Poison Ivy)

* Shampoo/Glycerin Bar Soap (Environmentally friendly kind)

* Personal Hygeine Items (Including tampons and aloe vera for sunburns)

* Snake bite kit

* Sting-Eze

* Water Toy (Ex. Frisbee, for you or the dog)

* Sharp Knife

* Hatchet

* Fishing Gear

* Fishing License W/ Trout Stamp (Another must!)

* Can Of Whole Kernal Corn (Trout love this, below Cedar Grove only)

* Rope/String

* Long Sleeve Shirt/Pants (For those chilly nights, and going into the woods)

* Shorts/T-shirts

* Sunscreen/Bug Repellant (Min. SPF30 waterproof, Skintastic or Deep Woods recommended)

* Lip Balm (SPF15 recommended)

* Water Shoes/Sandals

* Waterproof Watch

* Towel

* River Map (If new to the area)

* Change Of Clothes For The End Of The Trip

* Fire Starter and Fire Starter Paper/Cardboard

* Tent

* Flashlights

* Personal Floatation Devices

* Rain Gear (Poncho)

* Sunglasses (2 pair)

* Toilet Paper

* Chair

* Headlamp (For those unexplored caves)

* Sleeping Bags

* Pillow

* Tarp

* Batteries

* Binoculars

* Boots For Hiking

* Crab Boil & Cocktail Sauce (For Eating Those Crawdad Tails, mmmmmmmm)

* Camera/Film

* Bungee Cord Tie Downs

* Swimming Outfit

* Food (Keep in tent at night)

* Marshmellows & Hot Dogs

* Hat (To minimize the sun)

* Extra Car Keys (Wouldn’t hurt to have)

* Socks (Thin/Heavy) and Underwear

* Sling Shot (Nice item when just sitting around)

* Collapsable Shovel

* Small Radio/Harmonica (optional)

* Cellphone (optional, not guaranteed to work in remote location)

* Eyeglasses/Contacts

* Day pack or back pack (For exploring)

* Waterproof bag (to keep “can’t get wet” items in)

* Valuables Bag (Wallet/keys/money)

* Ice

* Two Way Radios (Optional)

* Life Jacket (Provided by outfitters if renting canoe)

* Pet Food/Dish

* Pjs

* Can Opener ( P-38 is compact)

* Fish/Crawdad Holder

* Canteen/Water Jugs

* Matches/Lighter

* Deck Of Cards

* Floatable Cool Cup (Keeps the cans from sinking if you tip)

* Dutch Oven W/ Tripod For Over Campfire (optional, but great for stew and chilli)

* Air Matress/Pump (Optional)

See the bellow Backpacking checklist videos: