The last person to file a federal homested in U.S.A.

Duane A. Ose
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I am the last person to file a federal homested in U.S.A.
The lake minchumina land settlement area ” Alaska. I did it the old fashioned – way by walking into the land area to choose the land I wanted. To get a feel for what was best. It took my son and I 15 days to hike 57 miles through some of the ruggest untamed land in the interiour of Alaska. Spent another 15 days for a plane to fly us into Fairbanks . I staked new land got a paten, 1’st time owner I was the last to file just to carry the red lantern. You may see an interview of my wife and I on On the road by Jason Davis program date feb. 21-2010

My web site is In it you will see a section of my son and I hike thoose many miles of wilderness. With full packs and being very carfull as there would be no help, save for red flares for passing air traffic twice a week. Flares were used due to a bug (Jardia ) at day 30.A hello copter came the next day as the plane was on wheels and had a schedull to keep But the plane reported the flare. Thank God….. Never been lost just a bit confussed for a few days. Several close encounters with Grizz. twice I naturly new I was about to die, so I was about to fight to the death and both times the grizz’s backed off. Guess I was the meenest…. Cabela’s the only place to shop for any out door needs…

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota & explored the river vally when ever I could…Moved to Alaska to find new land to make my last stand… I’d travel into space if I could – to a new world. Alaska will have to do. I could write a book and will some day. A documentry is being worked on now by a co. in MN. 5-7 hour thing. I have been interview for all the parts . And My filmming is being converted to TV Viewing . the good parts. (VHS) Hike was July 4th 1985. Bear encounters 3 that could have been fatal. Many others not so scary. see web. We live here , Wrights air service. Fairbanks knows us. Very expensive flight. Nearest road is 105 miles. Lon & Lat in web. Was a scout master & Army leader.ETC:
Do your home work and think on this one…