The Mara, a world-renowned location in Kenya Africa

The Mara is a world-renowned location famous because of the spectacular migration of thousands of wildebeests from Kenya’s Mara reserve into Tanzania’s Serengeti reserve. This migration takes place every year and attracts worldwide attention and is one of the most amazing sites you will ever witness. The Mara lies in the Rift Valley and supports a massive range or wild animals from wildebeests to elephants.The park host many activities from bird watching to game viewing birds of prey are very common in these park too, its actually home to most animals that create a complete food chain where you have king of the jungle the lion,down to smaller animals like gazelles.

The park covers 1,510 km square, several lodges are located outside the park so accommodation is not a problem,the famous Masai people inhabit this area, actually it is land owned by the Masai,and therefore considered a reserve managed by the the Kenya Wildlife Service but only serving the role of taking care of the animals, the reserve remains pretty much natural under the sole custody of the Masai.

The Mara receives hot and dry weather conditions but sometimes heavy rainfall is to be expected, the rainy season is usually April and May occurring again in mid November, these are low seasons because the area gets inaccessible due to black sticky cotton soil. July to October is the high season because it is dry and that’s when the migration takes place, the animals migrate into the more fertile and greener pastures in Tanzania during this time. Driving and animal viewing is only during the day for security reasons,because there are no clear borders or fences,therefore night driving is discouraged. Masai villages are located outside the park and the Masai have developed a synergetic relationship with the animals.

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Camping in the Mara – Kenya, Africa

Camping in the amazing Maasai Mara is a splendid way to enjoy the great Kenyan wildlife and seeing the animals in their natural habitat could be considered a rare opportunity.

There are many different numerous camping sites and lodges and accommodation is very affordable.

The charges to enter the Mara are also very affordable at $30 for adults and $10 for children charges being per day.

A popular and lovely campsite is the New Crocodile Camp Site in the Mara and the closest the Part entrance.

This camp site offers both banda (small self-contained room) and camping.The bandas have hot showers and toilets available.Also you can pay extra for a night guard to keep vigil at night at $3 a night.

Camping fees are $2 per person per day and $3 for firewood.Roast meat is the climax of the night bonfire session at night and specially prepared and marinated goat or beef is roasted in open fire by the maasai who work in the park.

Campers can roast meat on their own or have the maasai workers at the park work their magic, at a small tip usually at the discretion of the campers.

Nothing beats  devouring roast game meat round a fire in the open bush.

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lake Jipe in Tsavo

lake Jipe is located in the Kenya-Tanzania border in the tsavo national park and it is shallow.Mount Kilimjaro in Tanzania is visible in the horizon creating a spectacular view especially for campers.

The lake is fed by mount Kilimjaro through river Lumi which runs from Tanzania into Kenya.

The lake a mere 5km from Tsavo park entrance.Aside from camping birdwatching is a splendid activity to do here with amazing bird species spread over the lake from flamingos to herons.

canoeing is also popular one may try a hand at sport fishing as well,  a game drive is a must for any visitor here.From the majestic elephants to lions this is a rare opportunity to view Kenya’s fine wildlife and scenery.

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hiking in Mount Longonot

Kenya is a beautiful country endowed with wildlife,fantastic weather not to mention world famous athletes.

Another attraction this tourist-haven country has is different hiking and mount climbing sites like mount Longonot.Mount Longonot is a dormant volcanic mountain located southeast of lake Naivasha in the great Rift Valley Kenya.

Mount Longonot is 60km Northwest of Nairobi and its a smooth 1 hour  drive all the way there thanks to the ultra-modern tarmac highway from Nairobi to Nakuru.

Longonot is the small town in which mount Longonot sits, this town has seen tremendous change thanks to the tourist activity that has transformed the once sleepy town into a major tourist site in Kenya and East Africa.

The name Longonot is derived from the Maasai word Oloonong’ot which means land of many steep ridges or mountains of spurs.

Getting to the mountain is fairly easy and there is a trail that stretches about 9 km, this is the trail that leads to the peak gate and takes roughly 5hrs of hiking.

The crater floor is covered by trees creating a splendid forest-like habitat which is home to the gorgeous zebras, the Majestic Giraffes, and Buffalo.

Mount Longonot is a perfect hiking destination particularly because of the awesome view of the Great Rift valley, come enjoy the fresh air and gaze at the colorful zebras and their stripes of beauty!.

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Hiking in Mount Kenya

Conquering a mountain and getting to the peak could be considered the most rewarding and exciting activity for any hiking or outdoor adventure enthusiast.

Well if you’re looking for an exciting,fun-filled,and thrilling hiking experience, then the majestic mount Kenya awaits you.

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa at 5,199 m (17,058 feet) the highest mountain being mount Kilimanjaro.

The mountain is formed by three main peaks which consist of point Batian which is the topmost peak at 5,199 followed by Nelion at 5,188m and last Lenana 4,985.

Climbing mount Kenya will give you the ultimate outdoor adventure and you can experience different vegetation,encounter rare species of animals and have a chance to withhold Kenya’s beautiful landscape.

Expect to find well cultivated farmlands on the lower slopes on your way up, pass through rain forest,then onto a bamboo zone some can  grow up to 12m.

Higher up into the moorlands and the forest, is home to many wildlife like monkeys,elephants and buffalo.

the rock hyrax is one of the most beautiful animal in the antelope species and this animals can be found in their natural habitat high up just before you get to the top, eagles and sun birds also build their nests there.

Grab your trekking gear, get into your spirit of adventure and come to mount Kenya, but beware! the Kenyan landscapes,beautiful grasslands,open plains and wildlife are know to ensnare most visitors and trap them into staying here for good never to return home.

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