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Spirit of Adventure

Mystery,  magic, peace and awe of the great outdoors is realized in the DSD's writing. Here is a quote from Summit Stones and Adventure Musings Blog, "It's not about escaping from something back here, its more about working it out by embracing the wonderful elements...

Rosie Emery

Where do you find amazing people? Most amazing folks are found at home. They get through the daily grind and find reserve energy to share with family and give back to society - heres to the working person!! Some people look for amazing people in Hollywood or on t.v. I...

An Outdoor Interview with Gayle Brooks the President of Peakwaggers and a tale of extreme hiking backpacking from around the world

Gayle Brooks and her husband Stan are avid skiers, hikers and outdoor people who love nothing more than spending a day in the mountains. Of course a day in the mountains would include the canine members of their family. You have never seen hiking dogs as happy...

Made In Canada Fire Strikers and Fatwood tinder are Made In Canada

How To Light A Fire Without Matches

Step 1.

Fluff the fatwood by scraping the stick with the edge of your striker. If a hunting knife is available, use the BACK of the blade to fluff.

Step 2.

Practice getting a spark to land on the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your ferro rod and the edge of your striker.

Step 3.

Direct the sparks to the top of the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your QUICK-FIRE and the edge of the Striker. (Or use the back of a blade)