Big Horn Reservoir and Crown Land Camping near Kelowna

Any of my crown land camping examples have been back country camping or car camping. I wanted to post a few pics of an example where you can camp for free with your motorhome and do better than the average boondocker (Walmart parking lot camping)

Here are the pics of Big Horn Reservoir where a bunch of cool dudes shot guns, completed militia training, practiced opera, drank a little, played loud music till the truck battery died, got wet, muddy and spiritual all all in one weekend.

Big Horn Reservoir from Kelowna is reached by taking Westside Road to Bear Lake Main Forest Service Road (not Beaver Lake Road) and then taking Esperon Forest Service Road to km 26.

Near Big Horn, you must check out Esperon Lake Recreation Site!!!

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  1. Good day. I am looking for a site that could be rented to hold sacred plant medicine in nature and hopefully away from people and noise. Would your site offer such wish list. I would like to invest in a Mongolian Yurt and set it up for weekend ceremonies in nature.

    • I don’t think you can rent from anyone in the Big Horn Resevoir area because it is all crown land around there. My advice is to look in the crown land usage laws and contact that government department directly. Your rather unique land use request sounds like something our new Provincial Government would approve! If you cannot get the info you need from this Crown Land link, speak with your MLA….Christie Clark? 🙂 As a last resort, you may have someone in your corner in the form of the Green Party. Andrew Weaver put forth a bill last year that would have helped secure our ‘Right to Roam’ but it was not passed. His email is

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