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Discover wildlife in the Tsavo National Park

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest parks in Kenya and is managed by the Kenya Wildlife  Service.

The park has two distinct parts East and West and these two parts are separated by the main highway from Nairobi to Mombasa which also serves as the super-highway that almost transverses Kenya right in the middle.

Tsavo park is located in a township called Voi which is in Taita Taveta District, Coast province 240km South East of Nairobi.

The name Tsavo is borrowed from the river Tsavo which flows from West to East, through the park Tsavo park also borders The famous Chyulu Hills and Mkomaza Game Reserve in Tanzania.

Tsavo park is mainly semi-grassland and savanna ,and this attracts a dynamic combination of animals like the famous big five which consist of elephants,lions,buffalo,leopards and rhinos, these are the trademark animals that form the pride of Kenya’s wildlife and tourist attraction.

Over five hundred species of birds find their home in the Tsavo as well, these include ostriches,herons,horn bills and many more.

One of the most attractive and famous site in the Tsavo is the black rhino sanctuary, this is the home of the endangered black rhino, this beautiful beast has been highly sought after by poachers for it’s horns and hide exported to the Asian markets , making it one of the most endangered species alongside the elephants as well, the Kenya government took action and created the sanctuary to nature and protect the black rhino.

Tsavo National Park is the ultimate destination for any tourist or animal lover with a thirst for wildlife viewing, a perfect getaway for the family as well.

Camping facilities are offered in the park, camp in the bush and enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitat, enjoy bonfires and eat roast game meat prepared by Maasai warriors, an experience you will never get in the discovery channel!.

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  1. Wow, what an informative article about a national treasure in Africa! I have a lots of question, but here is just a few! You mention camping, Is it costly to camp in a National Park in Kenya? Here in Canada, it is roughly $25 per night per campsite. Can you camp for free in any of the National Parks. I’m sure you can camp in the backcountry.

    But my main question is about the Maasai warriors. … are the meals with them part of regular ceremonies or part of a tourist show??? ahhh, this topic is probably a whole new post!

    This is very nice to get local intelligence about your area, Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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