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Canyon Falls, 15minutes drive from downtown Kelowna

This is probably the coolest short hike this close to downtown Kelowna.  Hard to explain how to get there so I included the google link to the parking area at the cul de sac at the end of Canyon Falls Ct.


There is no parking area.  You just park on the street on the cul de sac.  You can see the lower falls and the top of the upper falls from the trailhead.   It only takes about 20minutes to get down there from the trailhead but it is difficult.  You walk for about 5 minutes from the trailhead and take the first trail you see going down the hill to your right.  If it looks too steep and difficult you can continue on to the bridge and the South Kelowna water intake further up the creek which is a nice casual 1hour hike. From there you can go up another 30minutes further to Jack Smith Lake.

If you take the red pill and go off to your right down the steep slope,   there are ropes to get down to the bottom.  It makes it much easier to get down and up otherwise you would be sliding down on your bum and crawling up on your hands and knees.  Once down you are treated to some nice 20 foot falls.  Follow the creek up for another 10minutes and you are treated to MUCH bigger falls.  Easily 40-50 feet high.

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  1. Hey there Canuck! What a great discription for this hiking trail. I have been wanting to update my post on them (I call them Crawford Falls) a few years ago and now I don’t have to as you got all the great details here. Also if you take a trail to the right about 500 meters up from the Trail Head you will be standing on top of the second falls (Upper Crawford) falls that you mentioned.

    Jack Smith lake is pretty cool, eh? You can get to it by bike from Kelowna Mountain development – about a hundred yards up as you turn off Chute Lake rd to Kelowna Mountain take the dirt path that goes to the left (any one of them) and it takes you thought the Thompson Ranch land to Jack Smith Lake.

    Thanks for the trail intel and I wanted to mention that I’ll be drawing for my contest prize this month. So your post get you three entries and each comment gets one entry. There should be close to 1000 entries. Darkest1 one has a lot of posts and comments so he has the best “chance” – but you just never know what gets drawn eh. I am going to physically print and cut all the entries and video tape it. Keep it real. Then, I’ll start another one. 🙂

  2. The city of kelowna have removed the ropes for danger purposes. There is another trail that is a lot easier at the very begging of the trail on the right hand side just after the house on the left.

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