Winter Camping Equipment List

Winter Camping Equpment List


  • snow boots plus a backup if needed
  • wool socks X 3
  • polypropyline socks X 2 or extra wool ones
  • long underwear (polyproopylene preferred)
  • fleece or wool pants (no blue jeans)
  • wind / water /snow proof pants
  • underwear as needed
  • light shirt
  • wool or fleece seqtshirt
  • toque (wool or fleece)
  • wool or fleece sweater
  • winter jacket
  • gaiters (recommended)
  • gloves or mitts 2 pair good quality


  • tent with fly (as a backup for the shelter you will build)
  • rope (something you can cut if needed) plus rope or string to be used with various items
  • shovel (aluminum is best)
  • cold rated sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad (a must)
  • liner for sleeping bag if not cold rated bag (fleece or wool blanket)
  • knife, fork and spoon
  • cooking utensils, stove and fuel
  • water
  • flashlight with good batteries
  • candles and lighter
  • bak

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  1. One very important part of a camping activity is its preparation, if you are prepared, you will not be able to meet problems. A list of what to bring is cool, and a set of good gears is perfect for the adventure.

  2. Winter camping is lot different with ordinary day camping, of course the weather is colder and you need a lot of body heat in order to survive. One camping material that you are to bring along is the mattress, this will be the material that will make you warm throughout the night.

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