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Could it be done?!!

Couple of days ago I had to put an end to my first attempt to thru-hike Jordan …
It toke me 19 days to walk from “Hamat Gadara” up far north near the Occupied Golan Hights and the Lake of Tiberis .. passing Ajloun, Jerash, Al-Gunayyah, Amman, As Salt, Karamah on the Jordan Valley, Baptism Site, Mount Nebo, Madaba, Karak, Tafilah, Dana, till I reached Petra.

At Petra my already poor low finance died and took with it my dream to countnue to Rum Valley and to end mt thru-hike in Aqaba ..

During this trip .. I found that to plan a true thru-hike trail that others would come and experience it requires me to go on a huge number of expeditions to all the areas in order to plan the route …
It is an impossible task specially if you have no finance at all .. add to that if you have all the wrong equipments that is not ultra light …

Thus, could it be done?!! .. could I find sponsors who would be interested in supporting the creation of such a thru-hike trail crossing ll of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .. and cashing this support in advertising?!!

Is there someone out there who would finance such huge expeditions to plan the route across of Jordan .. supplying ultra light equipments and gears which could be a best way to review … ???!!!

Questions I have … and answers I need …
Do you have the answers for mu questions? ..