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Little White Repeater Upgrade Hike

Several Orchard City Amateur Radio club and Central Okanagan Search and Rescue members, including Mike Fleming, Brian Stainsby and Phil Cadorette hiked up Little White to upgrade the repeater.  The GPS track is below the pictures. Thank you Brian Stainsby for the GPS track and pictures!

The GPS Track starts at the McCulloch Road turn off on Highway 33 and heads to Canyon Lakes to find a parking area near the Trail Head to Little White Summit and the Okanagan Highlands Trail. When you view the Track below you will see a short GPS Track. This track is the section that was hiked. The last few km of the long track are slow going and for 4X4, ATV or hiking. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the Myra – Bellevue Provincial Park portion of Little White.

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  1. we tried this hike may 30th. we couldn’t drive as far as the gps track, due to the snow on the road. this should have been an indicator of the trail conditions on the way up. after about 8 km and just reaching into the little chute/channel just up from the base of the rocky part of the mountain, we had to turn around. without showshoes we were sinking into 3-4 feet of snow every step. we chilled out for a bit, then headed down. we met some guys with snowshoes who seemed impressed we made it as far as we did. they were laughing about our footprints that went all the way thorugh the snow and into the creek under. we will be back when we can drive in a bit further and there isn’t as much snow.

  2. You are an outdoor hard-core dude darkest1!! Hey, There will be a group of Ham Radio operators and Search and Rescue guys heading up on June 13, snowshoes will be required I guess. 🙂 Let me know if you are interested.

  3. yea!! conquered the mountain july 11th. still snow, but not enough to slow us down. also checked out crawford lake. the way back was not back up and over, but we found a route along the lower part of the mountain across the face. not too bad. thanks for the .gpx. crawford lake seems like a sweet place to camp. the road is drivable up to an obvious spot where logs and stuff have blocked the road near the park boundary. pretty cool hike with some sweet views.

    1. Michael Beauclair

      For DARKEST1 could you clarify where you said that “the road is drivable up to an obvious spot where logs and stuff have blocked the road near the park boundary” is this right at the entrance into Canyon Lake- I was at the Lake in 2006 and there was still access to lake for Camping and putting a Boat in the water – I know the Canyon Lakes FSR has been WaterBarred past the Wilkison Creek Bridge but was still passable for 4*4 If you have any info that would be great!

  4. Is there Vehicle Access to Canyon from Kelowna? Do you know what the condition of the Canyon lakes FSR is. How long does it take to hike to summit of Little White Mountain from Canyon lake?

    FYI There is a Beatiful example of Old-Growth Lodgepole Pine forest south of Canyon Lakes about 2-3km on the ridge above Canyon Lakes FSR

  5. Hello Michael, I had a response from a friend who was on the hike as seen in the gps track above (try the satellite view for more details). Here is the comment – “I have never been to canyon lakes but have it on pretty good authority that in the summer you can pull a tent trailer there. hiking from canyon lake to little white is a long way, we took a cut off way before the canyon lakes road towards little white to get to the top.”

    I would use the map above and get in from the McCulloch road route.

  6. we turned left off canyon lakes road just after the first bridge. there is an old track that leads up and joins the hiking trail after a while. you can’t drive up to the top via this road, but with a 4×4 we got to about the park boundary. the “road” is about 200m past the bridge. hope that helps.

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