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K and S Trail in Sandon near New Denver BC

The now defunct K&S railway offers great trail that takes you above Sandon to many views of old abondoned mines along the valley sidehills. I would suggest mountain bikes for this trail. It would be great to bike along it then hit the Galena Trail.

K & S Railway Trailhead

K & S Railway Trailhead

The K&S Trail information above says:

Walk back in history on the K & S Trail. Starting here in Sandon follow 5.6 km along the route taken by the old wood burning engines of the Kaslo-Slocan railway (built in 1895) as they carryied rich silver-lead ore from Sandon to Kaslo, until the railway and some of the mines it served were destroyed by the Great Fire of 1910. Along the route ponder the ruins of the Payne concentrator built to process ore from Slocan’s first mine; the Payne. Sit and enjoy the panorama from a viewpoint which shows the historic Viola Mac Mine. Further along enjoy the breath-taking vista of the new Denver Glacier in Valhalla Park. Walk past Payne siding to visit Payne Bluffs. Finally follow the original 1893 Pack-Trail from Payne Siding 1.4 km down to Three Forks.

This video shows the Galena Trail and the old K & S Railway bed.