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    Your Favourite Hike or Backpacking Trip.

    Is your favourite hike a short walk in the city park, a stroll in the regional park or a adventure multi-day backpacking trip? Share your favourite hike, walk, backpacking thoughts in the comments below. My favourite local hike is on the Mt. Hayman bluffs.  The Hayman point juts out over the...
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    Your Favorite Camping Spot!

    Share your favorite camping story! Just leave a comment the bottom of this page. I was at Christina Lake BC in July (2009) and the warm water, large camp sites and great campground managers makes it a top destination for family camping in my books!
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    A weird / wacky / wonderful outdoor tale!

    Tell us your unusual outdoor related tale and you get paid for it! Share your tale in the comment section. Every commentor below gets one entry for the most recent free draw and contest - see details...