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Hiker gives Campground Owners and Outdoor Businesses Free Internet Traffic!

An outdoor enthusiast who studied how to get internet search engine traffic to his “hobby” hiking website is now making Campground Owners happy as he passes on the FREE internet search traffic to their websites!  

Clayton Kessler

Clayton Kessler

Clayton Kessler, webmaster of TracksAndTrails.ca, recently discovered that when he made a post (a short article) about an outdoor topic, it showed up in the top three pages of organic search listings within hours. He contributes this Search Engine success to the last 6 years of studing search engine optimization and practicing the craft with his hobby website.

Clayton loves to camp and backpack with his family and then write about the experience online so others can Discover The Way to a peaceful break through nature!  In this recessionary times when folks are not travelling and vacationing as much, he thought that Campground could save some money and get new customers by taking advantage of his websites good standing with the search engines and create their own posts on his website and then input links in each post that links up to their outdoor business.  Get more information or create your outdoor post on TracksAndTrails.ca now!