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Chute Lake Rd – Places not to hike!

Chute Lake Road is crazy popular with motorized recreation vehicles.  After finnally checking out the hiking areas and the Kelowna Crags in Cedar Mountain Regional Park, I decided to explore what I thought was Chute Lake Road route to the KVR.  I must report that I still didn’t make it with 2 wheel drive.  

I share the following  information because many people visit tracksandtrails.ca  to find out how to connect to the KVR from Chute Lake Rd. in Kelowna. 

Chute Lake Rd location clarification.  

  1. The road that goes from Naramata, past Okanagan Mountain Park and then connects to the KVR near the actual Chute Lake is called Chute Lake Road.
  2. Chute Lake Road in Kelowna begins at Lakeshore, Steele and Chute Lake intersectin..  
  3. Chute Lake Rd. continues as a dirt road after you make a turn in the Kettle Valley Development.

Chute Lake Rd. is clearly marked at Kettle Valley.  The confusion that comes in for me is that I always thought, strangely enough that this Chute Lake Road would take you to Chute Lake and the KVR. 

According to several maps, the Chute Lake Rd. that continues from Kettle Valley Development ends near Cedar Mountain Park and the road that seems to be the natural continuation of Chute Lake Road is actually called Bertram Road. (see Backroads Mapbook)

So having that clarified.  The route from Chute Lake Rad to the KVR (whatever you may call it) is still not passable via a 2 wheel drive.  The drive up into the hills along this route is very interesting if you like lots of incredible views of the Okanagan Valley and Lake Country.  For more detail and map of this area check out this Chute Lake Rd. Google Map that I made of that shows the area and where I had to turn back before hooking up to a road that took me to Gillard FSR.

As for the hiking opportunities in this area, I would suggest you take a dirt bike, atv, 4X4 etc instead of hiking.  Once you are up there, you soon discover that this area is owned by motorized vehicles…and hey, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  

Give-er four wheelers, this hiker will stay outta your way – specially otta the red necks way – you know – the ones who had several boxes of rifle shells and were shooting into the air toward the lake.  Not sure what they were doing.  Makes one wonder how far a bullet flies before it drops …will it make it to the lake from there?

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  1. Chute Lake Rd – Bertram Creek to KVR is not recommended as it is a difficult journey even in a 4 wheel drive – very,very rough.
    Use Gillard FSR turnoff from the pavement of Chute Lake Rd, near the Kettle Valley Community Center as access to KVR. (approx. 8km from memory up Gillard FSR)

  2. Howdy Do,

    I appreciate the write up you have of the chute lake area. As an avid walker I sure like to know where to go and where not to go.

    I also like to stay out of these “red-necks” area’s to avoid being shot. I wonder sometime if the colour of my skin would cause a “situation” when I am alone and defenceless. I have also wondered how far bullets fly, once when I was speed-walking up a mountain I was followed by a gang of angry rednecks. They were calling names and shooting their guns above my head from what I could tell.



    1. Hello John, as I began to read your email, my thought was that nobody would notice the colour of your skin or other minority group you may identify with in the backcountry around here….I am sad to hear it appears that msome folks still choose to be ….jerks. You can hike with me anytime the opportunity arises. I need to mention though, many folks may identify as a bit of a redneck…me for one, but do not act irresponsibly. Many of my backcountry trips this summer have been in areas where”redenecks” were out shooting guns, but these folks, including myself, were shooting and recreating in responsible ways. So, I say don’t give up on the backcountry yet, and regardless of who you are you should always hike with a partner for safety in all sorts of situations.

      I got the following info from http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241085
      Low calibre rifles like a .22 will be lethal up to 1.5 miles or 2.5 km and high calibre rifles like a 30 – 06 with a 180 grain 30-06 bullet fired at the right angle can travel over 3 miles.

      Rifles should never be shot into the air like that, always know your backstop.

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