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Mission Creek Greenway in Kelowna BC is a British Columbia hiking jewel.

Kelowna BC has one of the most incredible hiking opportunities that exist within city limits of any city of BC. Mission Creek Regional Park has more than 50 000 visitors per month in the hiking season and being within the city limits, the park has something for everyone. After starting at the Scenic Canyon Trail Head, hiking across the 3 new Mission Creek bridges that transport hikers through Gallaghers Canyon up to the lookout pictured here and back to the Trail Head, my wife and I had hiked a nice morning walk of about 8 kilometres.

If we continued to the end of the Mission Creek Greenway which ends in Scenic Canyon we would have hiked an additional 3 km one way. The Scenic Canyon Trail head is at the 10.5 km Greenway “milepost”. Mile “zero” of the Greenway actually starts on Lakeshore road in the Mission area of Kelowna.

On this hike, the surprise to me was that the Regional District had completed a new information kiosk and a fantastic wooden Gazebo. This Gazebo happens to give you the best view of the famous Pinnacle Rock shown above and is a perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful moment in Gallaghers canyon.

The Greenway Trail picture below is one that shows the snow level on the Kelowna South slopes (as of May 2nd). There are excellent views of the surrounding hills and Gallaghers Canyon from this point with strategically placed picnic tables to have your picnic lunch.

I had to make a decision on whether to hike Mission Creek Trail at the higher levels of the Creek past Joe Rich on highway 33 but I think there is still too much snow up there so I have decided to hike the Wild Horse Canyon Trail in the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park on Sunday May 4. I will be at the Trail head around 9:30 if anyone wants to join the hike and have some company to enjoy the wild life with. hmmm does anyone know if the Rattle Snakes are awake yet?

It will be an all day hike with my wife and two of my three teenage boys.

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