Woodcock Lake in Vanderhoof

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Free Camping at Woodcock Lake in Vanderhoof recreation site has 3 Campsites and you can go to the site with a two wheel drive! Enjoy marvelous Camping, Canoeing, Fishing opportunities.

Amenities: Boat Launch,Tables,Toilets

Woodcock Lake in Vanderhoof, BC

Woodcock Lake in Vanderhoof, BC

Site Description:

Too much is not always good!!! Experience a remote recreation site on a small lake.


Drive south on the Bobtail Forest Service Road to the junction of the Grizzly Road at 37 km and drive to 25 km on the Grizzly Road then turn right onto the Grizzly 25 Road now drive a further 4.8 kms to the recreation site access road.

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Woodcock Lake in Vanderhoof
53.58939036, -123.5891901

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