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Camping at Wildwood Conservation Area in Ontario is a recreation destination. You can go the site and enjoy Camping, Boating, Hiking, Swimming, Fishing and Cycling opportunities.

Amenities: Admission, Lake River Reservoir, Education Interpretive, Handicapped Access, Flush Toilet, Showers, Play Ground, Picnic Facilities, Equipment Rentals.

Wildwood Conservation Area, Ontario

Wildwood Conservation Area, Ontario

Site Description: There are 3200 acre playground, 450 campsites, 30 kilometers of trails for mountain biking or hiking and also 7 kilometer long reservoir for water skiing in Wildwood Conservation Area. Canoes and kayaks are available for rent. You can go to the site and set up yourself into the nature. 😛

Driving Direction: Located at 3995 Line 9, St. Marys, Ontario, Canada and 11 km west of the City of Stratford & 7 km east of from the Town of St.

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Wildwood Conservation Area
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