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Camping at Whitehorse Creek Prov Rec Area in Alberta is a recreation destination. There are total 55 campsites. You can go to the site and enjoy Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hiking, Horseback Riding opportunities.

Amenities: Firepits, Firewood Available, Hitching Rails, Horse Corals, Loading Ramp,Pit/Vault Toilets,Water – Pump.

Whitehorse Creek Prov Rec Area, Alberta

Whitehorse Creek Prov Rec Area, Alberta

Site Description: Alberta’s wildland parks preserve and protect natural landscapes and ecological processes and provide opportunities for backcountry recreation. In some wildland parks, trails and primitive backcountry campsites are provided to minimize visitor impacts on natural heritage values. Whitehorse Wildland Park, established in August 1998, is 60 kilometres south of Hinton. The park is approximately 175 square kilometres in size. There are many striking geological features and ground patterns in the park. The majority of the park is located above tree line and its extensive alpine meadows and subalpine slopes are home to numerous plant species. More than 277 species of plants have been documented in the park, including 37 that are onsidered rare or that have unusual distribution. At lower elevations there are forests of lodgepole pine, Englemann spruce and subalpine fir. At higher elevations, alpine meadows contain a variety of hardy plant species such as willow shrubs, lichen and small alpine wildflowers. These plants survive in an extremely harsh environment and may take centuries to recover from human disturbance. Wildlife species in the park include elk, moose, mule deer, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, wolves, cougar, hoary marmot and pika. The park is particularly important for conservation of the grizzly bears that traverse the mountain ranges between Whitehorse and Jasper National Park. The park is also home to several varieties of highmountain birds. Studies in the region have recorded 128 bird species. Of these, 70 species breed in the area and 28 are permanent residents. Bird species in the alpine and subalpine areas of Whitehorse include mountain bluebird, horned lark, American dipper, Townsend’s solitaire, varied thrush, Townsend’s warbler, golden-crowned sparrow and American pipit.

Driving Direction:Whitehorse is located in the northern front ranges of the Rocky Mountain Natural Region. It shares a portion of its west boundary with Jasper National Park and its east boundary with the Cheviot coal mine.

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