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Camping at White Sand Regional Park in Saskatchewan is a recreation destination. There are total 35 campsites. Unserviced campsites: 10, Power campsites: 10, Power, water and sewer campsites: 15, You can go to the site and enjoy Camping,Hiking,Cycling,Canoeing, Boating, Swimming and Fishing opportunities.

Amenities: Tables provided at campsites, Firewood available on or near campground,Showers available, Tap water available,Flush toilets, Sewage dumping station, Hiking trails, Bike trails, Playground, Wheelchair access, Concession or store at campground, Boat launch,Golf course nearby.

White Sand Regional Park, Saskatchewan

White Sand Regional Park, Saskatchewan

Site Description: Well-maintained regional park with golfing, camping and fishing. Large, beautifully treed campsites. Pull-through sites. The idea of creating a national park here goes back at least to 1898, when a group in El Paso proposed a Mescalero National Park. Their idea was for a game hunting preserve, which conflicted with the idea of preservation held by the Department of the Interior, and their plan was not successful.[2]:17 [3]:52-53 In 1921-1922 Albert Bacon Fall, United States Secretary of the Interior and owner of a large ranch in Three Rivers near White Sands, promoted the idea of a national park there, an “All-Year National Park” that, unlike more northerly parks, would be usable year-round. This idea ran into a number of difficulties and did not succeed.[2]:22-25 [3]:61-70 Tom Charles, an Alamogordo insurance agent and civic booster, was influenced by Fall’s ideas. By emphasizing the economic benefits, Charles was able to mobilize enough support to have the park created.

Driving Direction: 10 km northeast of Theodore, off highway 16, on the Whitesand River.

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