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Camping at Waterhen Lake- Meadow Lake Provincial Park in Saskatchewan is a recreation site. The resort has 14 full service sites, 12 electrical trailer hook-ups in addition, the full service/electrical sites all have 30 amp breakers. You can go to the site and enjoy Camping, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing and Swimming opportunities.

Amenities: Fish Filleting Facilities, Shower House, Bathrooms and Laudromat Facilities as well as Freezers, Ice, Telephone and Boat Launch, Playground (including Volleyball, senior horseshoes, junior horseshoes, tetherball, swings, slide, large sand pile, for the children) Park Store, Rental Equipment.

Waterhen Lake- Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Waterhen Lake- Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Site Description: The larger body of water is about 8 miles x 5 miles and through the narrows is Little Waterhen about 3 miles x 4 miles. The lake is 100 feet deep and therefore the Jackfish (Northern Pike) and Pickerel are quite firm and tasty. The lake is very safe with few rocks to damage outboards and the land slopes very gradually from the shores into the lake. The Waterhen River chain starts at Cold Lake and flows all the way through Meadow Lake Provincial Park and into Waterhen Lake at the south east end. The river flows out the north east corner of Little Waterhen Lake up to the Beaver, the Churchill and empties into Hudson Bay. The section of the Waterhen River between the park gates near Goodsoil and Waterhen Lake is excellent for canoeing.

Driving Directions:  The Waterhen River is an east-flowing river in northwest Saskatchewan in the basin of the Beaver River, Canada. It is north of and parallel to the east-flowing part of the Beaver River and joins the north-flowing part of that river. It is at the southern edge of the boreal forest belt and marks the approximate northern limit of dense population and good roads.

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