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Camping at Wakami Lake Provincial Park in Ontario is a recreation site. There are total 85 campsites. You can go the the site and enjoy Camping, Hiking, Boating, Swimming and Fishing opportunities.

Amenities: Tables provided at campsites, Firewood available on or near campground, Tap water available, Pit toilets, Hiking trails, Day use area, Wheelchair access, Concession or store at campground, Group camping areas available, Boat launch.

Wakami Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

Wakami Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

Site Description: Wakami Lake Provincial Park is located approximately 45 minutes east of Chapleau, Ontario, the beautiful Wakami Lake is about as far away from the hustle and bustle of Southern Ontario as you can get in a day’s drive. The provincial park is a good 7-8 hours drive from the Greater Toronto Area and three hours away from Sudbury. Wakami Lake is classified by Ontario Parks as a C-Level Recreation park. akami Lake is know for its fishing. The Lake has a bounty of Walleye, Whitefish and Perch. However, shore fishing is not so great from the campground side of the lake. You will need a boat and as mentioned above, rentals are limited. Motor boats are allowed on the lake. Swimming in the lake is quite enjoyable. The water gets quite warm in the summer as the eepest waters are just 40 feet. The water is crystal clear.

The lake is the main attraction and Wakami Lake is the focal point of a 56 km canoe route that normally takes 3-4 days and consists of eight portages. There are hiking trails in the park, as well. The trails are seldom used or maintained and can be pretty hard to follow at times. The only trail open as of August, 2011 is the 7 km Transitional Forest Trail.

The Height of Land Trail is a 75 km jaunt around the entire Wakami Lake. This is where you’ll find the 20 remote campsites. The trail is tough to follow and is not maintained as well as it should be. Word is that hikers will spend a lot of time walking through bush, trying to find trail markers. For an excellent account of two hikers and their journey around Wakami Lake, check out this article by a couple of guys from Suluk 46.

Driving Directions: Located at Approximately 3 km south of Chapleau on Highway 101 then continue south on Highway 101 for about 7 km then back onto Highway 29 approximately 20 km south. Turn east on Regional Road 667 and drive about 27 km.

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