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Tidewater Provincial Park will once again have Overnight camping available beginning in the 2015 camping season.  A three-year partnership agreement between Ontario Parks and a subsidiary of Moose Cree First Nation (Complex RE LP) has been reached and paves the way to Canada’s premium northern camping adventures!
Tidewater Provincial Park is located on Charles Island across from the Town of Moosonee and is a frequent resting stop for canoe trippers on the Moose River.
The park will operate 10 campsites on a first-come, first-served basis, with campers filling out their permits and putting their payments in a secure drop box.
The park will remain in a natural setting for the backcountry camper who enjoys the challenges of wilderness camping.  Local water taxis are available to take campers from Moosonee to the park. Campers are reminded to bring their own drinking water and firewood as it is not available on the island.
Campers and canoeists can travel to Moosonee on the Polar Bear Express train, which provides return train service from Cochrane to Moosonee. The park is just 20 km upriver from James Bay and Hudson Bay where tides can rise and fall more than two metres daily.
For more information, please contact Nancy Daigle, park superintendent via the contact information below.

Tidewater Provincial Park, Ontario

Tidewater Provincial Park, Ontario

Site Description: Tidewater Provincial Park is a 980 hectare park in the Moose River that was first established in 1964. Charles Island supports the developed area of Tidewater. Butler Island, Haysey Island, and approximately 60% of Bushy Island, make up the remainder of the park. Charles Island is actually split in two by a manmade waterway that permits water travel between Moosonee and Moose Factory. This man made “gutway” is causing erosion of the bank by approximately 2-3 metres per year.

Tidewater is classified as a Natural Environment Park. Natural Environment Parks incorporate outstanding recreational landscapes with representative natural features and historical resources to provide high quality recreational and educational experiences (Ontario Provincial Park Planning and Management Policies, 1978). Tidewater has recreational landscapes on Charles Island, such as day use area, campsites, group camping and trails. The representative natural features are the forest type, poplar, white and black spruce, willow, alder, etc. Also, the tides and fossils show natural features. History is covered by the Hudson Bay and Revillion Freres Companies impact on the area.

Tidewater is located on Charles Island between Moosonee and Moose Factory; it is approximately 1.5 km from each community.

Driving Directions: Tidewater Provincial Park is a provincial park located on five islands[2] in the Moose River estuary between Moosonee and Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada.

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Clayton Kessler
2015-05-22 09:38:16
If you can get here, you won't regret it! An authentic Canadian Backcountry experience.

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