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Free Camping at Specs Lake! What a nice rec site in the Okanagan outdoors.  This recreation site has 5 Campsites and you can go to the site with a two wheel drive! Enjoy marvelous camping, fantastic fishing and nature study.

Amenities: Boat Launch, a table, outhouse

Specs Lakes in Okanagan, BC

Specs Lakes in Okanagan, BC

Site Description: Free Camping at Specs Lakes in Okanagan recreation site is on a small lake chain just east of Grizzly Swamp and it is folksy fishing opportunity.

Driving Directions: Entrance is on a short, narrow and very rough road at around 24 km on Aberdeen Road that can be found by taking Philpot Rd to the end from Highway 33 near Kelowna.

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Specs Lakes in Okanagan
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2018-08-07 16:07:23
Excellent fishing and hiking!

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  1. It was fantastic camping. But I just thought it should be noted that the outhouse is basically over flowing and the dock is over half sunk now.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I camped out there in May and I noticed the same issue. I will ask the forest ranger for the area if they can get out there. Were the campsites full when you were there?

  3. Hello. I’m planning a trip here overnight to investigate some thing, my friends grandpa had apparently heard a girl screaming here, Can anybody give me any info about this?It would be appreciated..

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