Pioneer Bay - Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

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Camping at Pioneer Bay  – Clearwater Lake Provincial Park in Manitoba is a recreation site. There are total 27 campsites; 21 unserviced campsites and 6 power campsites. You can go to the site and enjoy Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Cycling, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing and Wildlife Viewing opportunities.

Amenities: Tables provided at campsites, Firewood available on or near, campground,  Showers available, Flush toilets, Sewage dumping station, Playground, Picnic shelter, Concession or store at campground.

Pioneer Bay - Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, Manitoba

Pioneer Bay – Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, Manitoba

Site Description: Set up your tent or park your RV in Clearwater Lake Provincial Park when you travel in beautiful Manitoba, Canada. Pioneer Bay, a deep, clear, cold lake, is renowned for its excellent water quality and large lake trout. It is spring fed and lacks major inflowing streams which may carry silt, although there are several small inflowing streams on its south and west shores. The single outflowing stream empties into Cormorant Lake and eventually into the Saskatchewan River system. The cold year-round water temperatures slow the growth of lake trout. Yet, these conditions are essential for lake trout to survive. Any adverse changes to water quality due to pollution could affect the trout population and the lake’s natural beauty.

Driving Directions: Located at On Highway 287 travel 14 km east of the Highway 287 and Highway 10 junction located northwest of The Pas.

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