Mosquito Lake in Haida Gwaii

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Free Camping Mosquito Lake in Haida Gwaii you will enjoy there 9 Campsites and be able to get there Two Wheel Drive! Also you will enjoy nice, Boating, Camping & Fishing.

Facilities:Boat Launch,Tables,Toilets

Free Camping

Mosquito Lake,Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida gwaii

Site Description:A pleasant medium sized site located on the shoreline of Mosquito Lake. The campground also includes a small day-use shelter and boat launch. Don’t worry, the lake wasn’t named for the pesky little insect but rather to honour the legendary aircraft. The Mosquito was the fastest aircraft in the world in 1941-44. It was manufactured using the high quality Sitka Spruce growing in this valley.

Driving Directions:Located on Moresby Island, along the Moresby Mainline on the road to Moresby Camp.From Moresby Island Guest House,385 Alliford Bay,Skeena-Queen Charlotte, Subd. B, BC, Canada Head west 20.1 km, Turn left 1.1 km, Slight left 6.3 km, Turn right 6.4 km, Turn right 3.8 km now you are in the site.

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Mosquito Lake
50.33401486, -122.7456768

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  1. This is at the wrong location on the map – there is more than one ‘Mosquito Lake’ and this is not the location to match the description.

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