Johnson Lake East in Kamloops

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Camping at Johnson Lake East in Kamloops recreation site has 12 Campsites and you can go to the site with a two wheel drive!  Enjoy attractive Fishing facilities, enjoyable Boating facilities & Great Camping opportunities.

Fees:$12.00 Camping

Fee Applies:May 10, 2012 – Oct 12, 2012

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Amenities: Boat Launch,Tables,Toilets

Johnson Lake East in Kamloops

Johnson Lake East in Kamloops

Site Description:Camping at Johnson Lake East in Kamloops is a folksy camping site is on the eastern shore of Johnson Lake. The water is very clear in Johnson Lake allowing boaters (boating) to see quite far down. Fishing, canoeing and kayaking on the lake are folksy activities with campers (camping) and during the hot summer months many people like to swim in the water therefore who like swimming something cheers about it.

Driving Directions:Johnson Lake is located north of Sqwaam Bay on Adams Lake. and is access is by Johnson Lake FSR.

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Johnson Lake East in Kamloops
51.15753308, -119.7200301

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  1. Was just up at Johnson on Friday. The 6 camp sites are now 12 with wooden fences between and gravel below. Not tent appropriate. The 2 private tenting sites are now day use only. Johnson used to be my favourite spot for its natural rustic charm. I’m pretty unhappy about the “improvements”. So yeah, you may as well camp at the resort unless you have a trailer and don’t mind being nose to nose with your neighbours. If anyone remembers how Johnson was and knows of similar natural tenting sites on a nice lake please post. I’ve lost my camping spot :'(

  2. I believe you’re talking about the Forest Service Recreation site. Yes, it was “improved” three years ago, from the small rustic 6 site camp to the more modern 12 unit site.

    • Usually any of the managed recreation sites are open by the end of April but you can use them before the the managers are available. If you go earlier as long as any gates are open, it is ok to camp.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is sad news that you need to read before going to Johnson Lake:
      Near this lake there is a small back country – off the grid resort. You can probably reserve with them, Address: 6000W Adm Jhnsn Lk Fsr, Louis Creek, BC V0E 2E0
      Phone: (250) 434-4111 However, when the Sites And Trails BC website says that a managed recreation site is a cash only basis, like it does (Jan 2018) it probably does not have the ability to reserve a site. Also, there are only 12 sites so I am thinking that there are definitely no campsite reservations for this rec site..

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