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Note: Please Obey all Signage. In 2012 when I took the photo’s below, I do not recall any signs directing folks to keep motorized vehicles off the Dam. Many recreation sites are reservoirs and need our protection. 

James Lake recreation site near Kelowna in the Okanagan District has 4 main Campsites but many more if you want to park and then hike down the lake shore or across the dam. You will be able to get to James Lake with a Two Wheel Drive! Enjoy Camping & Fishing opportunities.

Amenities: Boat Launch & Toilets.

Best Fishing Times: 12:38AM to 2:38AM, and 1:08PM to 3:08PM

Alternate Fishing Times: 7:19AM to 9:19AM


 Site Descriptipton: This is a medium sized site with good fishing opportunities.

Driving Directions: Follow Highway 33 to Goudie Road to James Lake Rd.

Here is a video of the road conditions that you will find on the way to James Lake Recreation Site.

Site Description:This is a medium sized site with good fishing opportunities (Reservoir Lake).

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2014-08-02 09:03:37
free campsite but too close to the city and the hiking is not great, not many trails and trails are not marked
Campgrounds Canada
2014-08-02 09:03:07
Clayton Kessler
2014-04-06 06:50:41
After Bullman near Postil and Shannon Lake in West Kelowna on Old Okanagan lake Rd, James Lake is the closest lake to Kelowna where you can catch a fish and drive to in under an hour. Camping at James lake is free and there are a number of great camping spots on or near the lakeshore but before you camp just know that you will be experiencing the company of noisy hard riding dirt flying mud bogging fun loving local red necks. And that's a good thing. Granted, if a group of these red-neckish visitors camp you may have a loud night but if you chat them up and ask about the area you will receive a wealth of knowledge. I've fished at James numerous times and have caught a few trout but mostly I just like the chance to canoe. It has been quite quiet with just a fly fisherman or two on occasion and other times entire groups of atv'ers and other outdoor recreation folks have passed through. There is a trail that I located on either side of the lake. I don't know if it circles the lake yet. I think one trail may be used by snowmobiles to get to Postil in the winter. If you explore the area, please comment here and share the Intel!

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  1. It’s discouraging to see the ATV tracks up the side of the dam, bypassing the gates to block them, ignoring the signs that say no motorized vehicles on the damn. Saw 6 side by side ATVs do this today so pointed out the gate to keep them out, they respond “it’s as much our right to do this as your right to fish on the damn” . So to have James Lake on your website is only encouragement for this bad behaviour .

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