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Hydraulic Lake in Okanagan District is  a recreation site. You can go to the site and enjoy Camping,  Fishing, Horseback Riding, Snowmobiling & Trail Bike Riding – Motorized opportunities.

Amenities: Tables & Toilets.

Fees: $12.00 Camping,

Fee Applies: May 15, 2012 – Sep 15, 2012 – All Days


Ice Over: Late October to May.

Hydraulic Lake-Okanagan District, Kelowana, Canada

Hydraulic Lake-Okanagan District, Kelowana, Canada

Site Description: The site on a large reservoir lake has a cartop boat launch, canoe route and good rainbow trout fishing. This site has good access to the Kettle Valley Rail Trail – expect a wide range of surface conditions, from hard packed gravel to loose, unconsolidated railway ballast – not suitable for street bikes.

Driving Directions: From the city of Kelowna, travel southeast on Highway #33 to the Hydraulic (McCulloch Reservoir) Lake Road. Turn west (right) and follow this road a few kilometers to the lake. Hydraulic is approximately 35 km. (22 mi.) southeast of Kelowna.

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