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Camping at Cooke Creek in Okanagan recreation site has 22 Campsites and you can go to the site with a two wheel drive!  Enjoy marvelous Canoeing, attractive Fishing, Picnicking & Great Camping opportunities.

Fees: $12.00 Camping

Fee Applies: May 15, 2012 – Sep 15, 2012

All Days

Amenities: Tables,Toilets

Cooke Creek in Okanagan, BC

Cooke Creek in Okanagan, BC

Site Description:

Camping at Cooke Creek in Okanagan recreation site is situated not far off the Mabel Lake Road. The campground offers the crystal clear waters of the Shuswap River for excellent fishing, swimming, and scuba diving. The salmon run gives an added autumn attraction. Many natural trails lead through the trees and along the river to other beaches and swimming holes and the campsites are located right on the river near a rock pebble beach.

Driving Directions:

Follow Hwy 97 to Enderby to Ashton Creek to Enderby-Mabel Lk Rd to Cooke Ck Forest Service Road.

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Cooke Creek in Okanagan
50.6747222, -118.94194440000001

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  1. Hey 🙂 I tried to find a number to call but i guess there isn’t one. I was just curious, does a person have to reserve one of your sites? because i’m trying to find a campground that will have room for 3 sites side by side..and if no reservations, when do you think a good time to come out would be so i don’t miss out? your reply is very much appreciated 🙂 Have a good day.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I’m pretty sure you can’t reserve the Cooke Creek sites. It’s a first come first serve. From my experience there I would say if you plan your arrival early on a Friday or even Thursday you will likely not have a problem getting some sites together. If you haven’t been there before its a beautiful spot with the majority of campsites on the river and a few trees separating each.
    Hope this helps.

  3. This closure is only for the recreation site, and does not affect activities on the Shuswap River. Access to the river is still available via the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre. Visitors wishing to camp in the area can use the Hidden Lake recreation site or another local campground.

    Monday, Aug. 22 to 12 noon on Sunday, Aug. 28 to accommodate a Splats’in First Nations community event.

    This is the second year in a row that Cooke Creek has closed to hold the Splats’in cultural gathering. The Province often closes recreation sites to accommodate special events, such as family reunions or recreation competitions.

  4. We are looking to go camping tonight… Is the event over so we can camp for the weekend? I’d like call, but there is no phone number

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