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Camping at Butter Pot Provincial Park in Newfoundland is a relaxation site. There are total 175 campsites. You can go the site and enjoy Camping, Fishing, Group Camping, Swimming, Boating, Hiking and Picnicking opportunities.

Amenities: Hiking Trails, Picnic Table, Fireplace, Garbage Can, Parking, Playground, Pit Toilets, Drinking Water Taps, Two Comfort Stations, Showers, Laundry, Trailer Dumping Station and Firewood can be obtained at the check point for $5.00 per bundle.

Butter Pot Provincial Park, Newfoundland

Butter Pot Provincial Park, Newfoundland

Site Description: Butter Pot Provincial Park is one of the beautiful Provincial Park on the Avalon Peninsula of the island of Newfoundland. There is a pretty hiking trail which carry you through forests and over barrens to a memorable histrionic view-point. The oldest rocks can be seen in here. When the climate changed and the weather became warmer, the ice starting to melt and retreat. The huge boulders were deposited along the way. These displaced boulders are named erratics and many of them can be found in this park. The major vegetation type is Boreal forest a dense-growing coniferous forest dominated by black spruce, white birch and balsam fir with some tamarack. On the enormous barren regions the shallow soil is usually quiet acidic. The plants favored by such a soil include Labrador sheep laurel, blueberry, tea and rhodora. The park area also offers much shrub, peatland and heathland. The diversity of habitats result in a variety of wildflowers such as the northern honeysuckle, bunchberry, crowberry and pitcher plant. Within the park 230 plant species have been seen and identified. Many mammals such as moose, red squirrel, chipmunk, beaver and snowshoe hare get safe homes within the park’s boundary. There are over 200 species of birds include the common loon, pine grosbeak and ruffed grousewillow ptarmigan have been recorded in this Park.

Driving Direction: The park covers an area of approximately 28 km² and is located on the Avalon Peninsula approximately 36 km southwest of St. John’s along the Trans Canada Highway.

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