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Free Camping at Bobtail Lake in Prince George recreation site has 18 Campsites and you can go to the site with a two wheel drive & Motor Home! Enjoy attractive Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming & Great Camping opportunities.

Amenities: Boat Launch,Tables,Toilets

Bobtail Lake, BC

Bobtail Lake, BC

Site Description:

Free Camping at Bobtail Lake in Prince George recreation site had a major works project completed in 2011 consisting of upgrades to all facilities & a new concrete boat launch and the in-site roads and camping pads capped with gravel. This three part recreation site is sheltered under a mature douglas fir canopy and provides ample camping and easy access to the lake and the setting is very scenic. All  three camping areas are within a one km stretch along the lake. Parking at site two (middle campsite) gives access to Bobtail Bluff Trails.

Driving Directions:

You can go to the site from different way following the direction given bellow.

1. Travel 9km west of Prince George from hwy 97/16 junction then turn left on to the Blackwater Road (hwy) & proceed 21km then turn right on to the Pelican FSR and at 35.5km turn right on to the Blackwater Road (Telegraph trail). The recreation site is at 16km.

2) Travel 50km west of PG from hwy 97/16 junction & take the overpass (turn right to get on) to access the Bobtail FSR on the left. Travel 21km on the Bobtail FSR and turn left onto the Blackwater Road you will find the site is a further 30.5km.

3) Travel 6.8km east of Vanderhoof on hwy 16 and turn right on to the Blackwater Road & continue ~30.5km and you will cross the Bobtail FSR junction then continue a further 30.5km on the Blackwater Road to the recreation site.

Free Camping at Bobtail Lake in Prince George Interactive Map

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Bobtail Lake
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