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Anchorage Provincial Park in Grand Manan : Anchorage Provincial Park is a public park located on the south-east coast of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. The island, the largest in the Bay of Fundy, is also the primary island in the Grand Manan Archipelago, sitting at the boundary between the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine.

Walk on the ocean floor. Find seabird nests, whale-watch, explore the towering heights of a rugged coastline or visit the lighthouses. Visit the Finback whale skeleton and interpretive display. Experience ocean kayaking, beachcombing, and be sure to bring along your binoculars. The island is well known as a birdwatchers’ paradise with sightings of up to 275 species.

Location: Located between the communities of Grand Harbour and Seal Cove, the park is about 24 kilometres (15 mi) south on Route 776 from the Coastal Transport Limited ferry terminal in the community of North Head.

Park Size: Total campsites-100 , Unserviced campsites- 72 and Power campsites-28 Reservation

To reserve a campsite please call the toll-free number or send an email request.

Nature and Culture: With a province this beautiful, we recommend you make the most of it by getting outside. There’s plenty to do the second you step onto our sandy beaches, make your way to our majestic mountains or head to our storied rivers and beautiful parks. You can make the most of every season here, too, as you enjoy the sun and the snow and, of course, the great outdoors.

Activities Available at This Park: Camping, Wildlife & Marine Life, Walk, Bike, Hike & Climb, Water sports & Boating, Winter Activities, Golf, Geo caching, ATVing

The park offers a number of hiking and cycling trails. The Red Point Trail boardwalk is wheelchair accessible. Other trails are Long Pond, Great Pond and Bagley’s. Individuals may also partake in sea kayaking, whale-watching and bird-watching at the park. As many as 275 different bird species can be seen on Grand Manan. The park has several blinds for bird viewing.

Facilities Available at this Park: The campground features washrooms, showers, laundry facilities, a kitchen shelter, hiking trails, a playground, and an excellent opportunity for picnicking.

Special Notes:Campgrounds

Grand Manan Anchorage Beach, Anchorage Provincial Park, Canada

A range of camping options, including tent cabins, and the panoramic view of the bay make The Anchorage Provincial Park an ultimate camping destination.

Nearby cities: Saint John, New Brunswick

Fees: Campsite fees  From $22.00 to $35.00 during the year of 2010.

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