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While you plan an awesome summer adventure, you're probably considering every risk factor known to the outdoorsman / woman and then some. Every thing from chapstick to an ultra lite first aid kit to prepare you for the unexpected. [caption id="attachment_197764" align="alignleft"... Read Full Article

Share your favorite camping story! Just leave a comment the bottom of this page. I was at Christina Lake BC in July (2009) and the warm water, large camp sites and great campground managers makes it a top destination for family camping in my books! [caption... Read Full Article

Free Camping in British Columbia is available at over 1100 forest service sites across the province. Enjoy the links and other information on this page to help you find your next free camping campsite. Also consider the "cons" to free camping as there are no services at most free campsites. Noise levels and rowdy behaviour is not managed, so be prepared to leave for alternate campsites or ignore music you may not enjoy.

Crown Land Camping in British Columbia is a resource accessible to all Canadian residents. Yes, not only in BC but in all provinces. This article provides resources of how where and when to use Crown Land. Leave a comment below with crown land questions and it will be answered!

Survival guide How to survive a forest fire while hiking

Forest fires have become five times more frequent and six-time more destructive in recent times due to global warming and climate change. Take your ten hiking essentials such as Binocular,  Read Full Article

Camping and trails at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Hiking Trails on Mount Kilimanjaro are most famous known as Kilimanjaro routes. Kilimanjaro routes are Marangu, Rongai, Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Thomas Glacier route, Shira and Northern circuit-... Read Full Article

Stocking Derickson Lake with 2000 fingerlings hs by helicopter.

The wonderful thing about this place we live in is the incredible beauty and the ability to get away from it all. The solitude and privacy we find when trekking in the British Columbia outback is lovely and coveted by folks worldwide, when so many of we humans live in communities... Read Full Article  ... Read Full Article

23 Ways Hiking Makes You Healthier The best way to expand your management skills is with hiking expedition. Discover yourself with the magical experiences you obtain with hiking outdoors. There are many pieces of research which have proved that hiking even helps to fight... Read Full Article

High Rim Trail Logo

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A day in the life of Derickson Trapline by Ray Derickson. A trapper in the Okanagan. Gentleman this is an update on Derickson Family Trap Line Saturday March 04, 2017 Thumper & Amber drove me to the trapper cabin and met my friend Stan there and we unloaded  wood... Read Full Article

Filleting a fish can provide a boneless tasty meal from your catch of the day. 2 minute video shows you how. Don't gut your fish, fillet it!

Chemical/ Mechanical Starts and Special Effects REMEMBER: Check all fire ban notices for your area. Have water for putting out hot-spots. When leaving your camp, make sure your fire pit is cold to the touch. ... Read Full Article

BC Forest Service Roads

BC Forest Service Road Condition and Updates

– Please Post your information via the comments below.

I promote getting out into the woods and the backcountry of BC. Many British Columbian recreation sites can be enjoyed with a bit of planning and luck.

Often, I will go to find a recreation site or trail and find that a forest service road or FSR is decommissioned or simply impassable. Other times I will find large washouts exist on parts of the road but usually see that the dangerous areas are flagged. Some of the washouts will stop an RV from reaching their camping destination or other times if one is speeding, a washout or other dangerous road condition could lead to a catastrophic end to an otherwise exciting adventure.

The following British Columbian Road Condition links will be helpful to you if you are heading for a weekend adventure regardless if you have a 4X4 or not. Please check the links for regular updates to find if your back country route is safe and open.

The following links are updated by individual forest service districts.

First, this BC Forestry Regions link may help find more than what I have found below.   All users have a responsibility to check for updated conditions and use forest roads according to current conditions.  Road conditions can change without any warning and this ledger may not reflect such conditions.

  • In the SELKIRK RESOURCE DISTRICT (Arrow Boundary, Columbia, and Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Areas) website you will find a excel spreadsheet that has the regions FSR updates by looking on the menu at the left and clicking the link under engineering the this Selkirk area Road Condition Report link.

the Chilliwack area…..can’t find a link?

Big White Hiking

While the school strike is on in British Columbia, I need to find more things to do for the kids. I thought hiking on Big White while the ski hill is shut down might be a nice change. I sent the Big White folks an email: ” I’m taking take five kids up hiking on the mountain on well marked trails only. Is there anything I should be aware of as far as parts of the mountain being closed etc?” I asked.

Here is the reply I received and thought someone else may find it helpful:

Subject: hiking


We have only one trail that is actually open to hiking.  The trail is marked with orange Inukshuks from the Village to the top of the cliff and back down to the Village again.  The  rest of the mountain is essentially closed.  Please be advised there is no patrols on the hill so be sure someone knows where you have gone and when to except you back.

Regards, Debbie

Big White Reception
Big White Ski Resort Ltd.
Direct Line:

db Paracord

db Paracord bracelet and compass

db Paracord bracelet and compass

db Paracord has been supplying paracord bracelets for over 2 years and has built a reputation for great product quality and service. We have a trademarked product calledCamo For A Cause and have supplied some of the best companies both locally and Nationwide. This year we are adding 1/4 zip jerseys, t-shirts, and hats to our Camo For A Cause paracord bracelets.  Some of our most prestigious clients are:

  – Cabela’s (National).
  – Duluth Pack (Minnesota)
  – D-Day survivor, Silver Star & Purple Heart recipient, active duty military & veterans, and Blue Star family members.
  – Chad Greenway & Ben Leber – Minnesota Vikings, Karl Gillingham – World power lifter, TV show producer, Chris Hawkey Band, and others.
Additionally we were chosen by Cabela’s to supply paracord bracelets to ALL of their floor employees in ALL of their United States locations as part of a product launch.
Paracord bracelets can be used as sales items, for campaigns & fundraisers, or represent a  company or individuals style.  The possibilities are endless and no order is too large or too small and we provide the same great product and service with all orders.
Here is our Aug 8 2014 press release:
Teen Business Finds the Perfect Partner for Causedb Paracord Launches Camo for a CauseTM Survival BraceletCROSSLAKE, MINNESOTA – db Paracord launches new product; Camo For A CauseTM survival bracelet.Starting in September, the db Paracord Camo For CauseTM survival bracelet will be sold in 13 Cabela’s stores Nationwide. The connection between Cabela’s and db Paracord was made by Damon’s father Bruce through social media and they continue to rely on social media every day.

“We are very excited to be working with a great outfitter like Cabela’s and expect that our companies will continue to work together and this will help db Paracord grow and support our cause,” said Damon.

Camo For A CauseTM survival bracelets will be distributed at these Cabela’s locations: Boise, Idaho;

Hammond, Indiana; Scarborough, Maine; Dundee, Michigan; Owatonna, Minnesota; Rogers, Minnesota; Sidney, Nebraska; Hamburg, Pennsylvania; Buda, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Lacey, Washington; Wheeling ,West Virginia; and Richmond, Wisconsin.

Db Paracord’s mission is for you to show your passion for the outdoors and supporting your cause with the db Paracord’s Camo For A CauseTM survival bracelet. The camouflage paracord allows people to see that you love the outdoors and with the pink running through the core of the bracelet represents core belief; the fight against breast cancer. db Paracord is donating $.50 from every bracelet sold to the db Paracord was founded by 16 year old Damon Billington in 2012. Damon originally made camo and orange bracelets and gave them to friends. After enough people began asking for bracelets Damon decided to launch db Paracord with the help of his four closest friends. db Paracord builds custom bracelets, bow slings, fishing lanyards, and turkey totes. The money raised from the team’s hard work will go towards their cancer charity and their college funds.

Rail Trail Map - Vernon to Kelowna

The Rail Trail quick stats:

  • 49.9 km in length
  • max grade of 1.3 percent
  • 24 km of lakeshore along Kalmalka, Wood and Duck Lake
  • Connects Kelowna, Winfield, Oyama, Vernon and Coldstream
  • Safe access to UBCO
  • 23 Parks within 500m
  • 22 points of interest within 500m
  • Green Transport Corridors
  • More Rail Trail Information, images, resources, studies and reports
Rail Trail to connect six Okanagan Communities

Rail Trail will connect six Okanagan communities if approved by government.

Inexpensive staycation where you can meet tourists and be an ambassador of Langley?

Camp hosts needed for oTENTik program
at Fort Langley National Historic Site

Fort Langley, March 18, 2014 – Looking for an inexpensive staycation where you can meet tourists and be an ambassador of Langley? If you have a motorhome and have a few weeks to spare between July and Thanksgiving, why not consider being a campground host at Fort Langley National Historic Site?

Campground hosts greet visitors and provide them with information and instructions on using the oTENTik accommodations inside the fort. They are available to volunteer for between two to four weeks, up to five hours per day, five days a week. Campground hosts must provide their own self-contained camping unit and are given free RV parking on site, hydro and water hook up, personalized vests, an annual pass to the site and a small honorarium for their service.

In 2013, Parks Canada launched the exciting new oTENTik accommodations inside Fort Langley National Historic Site. The oTENTik tents—a cross between a tent and a cabin—offer urban families and tourists an ideal way to discover the joys of camping with the comfort of beds, fridges, barbecues, and complimentary breakfast. This ‘turn-key’ camping offer is a great way to introduce camping to families who don’t own the equipment, and to grandparents who want to camp with their grandchildren but no longer want to sleep on the ground.

This program provides an excellent opportunity to spend time living in, learning about and promoting Fort Langley National Historic Site!

For more information and to apply email or call 604.513.4784.

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How To Stay Warm When Camping?

When you sleep your body cools down and your blood drawn from the foot and hands to the center of the body. Therefore you need an accurate insulation to preclude heat loss. Do you know how heat lost? It is primarily lost by conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation. You can stay warm while camping by applying some cool tips:

how to stay warm when camping

  1. Do not drink lots of fluids at night so that you need not go to the bathroom at midnight. It makes you loose heat faster by taking your clothes off!
  2. You may wear a stocking hat and covered your head.
  3. It may keep you warm if you use two closed cell foam pads beneath you.
  4. Warm up the sleeping bag with boiled water bottle.
  5. wear thin layers of clothing than a thick jumper. It will let warm air circulate.
  6. wear fingerless gloves in bed both hands and legs.
  7. Put your head inside the hood and snug it down so just your nose is exposed. You don’t want to breathe inside your bag.
  8. Wearing an entire fleece suit, socks, mittens and hat.
  9. Stay dry and is crucial to stay warm. Never let you get sweaty prevent sweating because when it stop will cool you too.
  10. Try to keep your sleeping bag dry as possible and get a sleeping bag at least 10 to 20 degrees decent quality sleeping bag whether double or single..
  11. Roll rocks in towels etc. and place in foot of sleeping bags or wherever.
  12. Make your camp in such a way that you take advantage of the nature materials.
  13. Dinner with lots of calories will give your much heat.
  14. Plan for a midnight snack if you wake up cold you this snack warm you back again.
  15. Roll the moisture out of your bag each morning when you get up
  16. Be aware of overheating at night. Being too warm produce sweat.
  17. Before going to bed make sure your feet dry enough. You can do it by a dry sleeping socks.
  18. Do not wear tight fitting cloths. Wear loose fitting clothing as possible will allow air circulation and make you warm.
  19. A roaring campfire will certainly provide some heat, but you’ll need to think about insulation if you want to keep your tent from losing its stored heat.
  20. You may pick up heat packs with you before your trip from store.

Trip Plan

Trip Plan

Whether taking a short hike for just a few hours or a longer camping trip for multiple days, always tell someone where you are going and what optional areas you may be exploring.

The following is my trip plan for a three day and two night backpacking, canoeing and hiking trip. I was just going to write an email and send it to my wife but even if one person reads this or is reminded to write something down and tell someone where they will be in the outdoors, it may save a tragedy from happening.

Hello Suzanne, …I miss you already! I will be leaving Friday afternoon, driving to Vernon then East to the Arrow Lakes on Highway 6. I will have a little short visit with my folks in Cherryville. After the ferry across Arrow Lakes I will stop at my brother’s place in Hills, just south of Nakusp.

If I don’t stay at my brothers place Friday night I will camp in the woods somewhere around Upper and Lower Little Slocan Lakes. On Saturday morning we will find the parking lot for Gimli Ridge Hike in the Valhalla Provincial Park. After parking there we will hike up to the ridge and come back down. I do not intend to try to summit Gimil …just enjoy the hike to the ridge.

On Saturday night our camp location will depend on what we discovered after our hike if we had time to explore at all….we may camp at the same spot as Friday night .

The itinerary for Sunday really depends on how long it takes us to get going Saturday morning and how fast the boys hike. Gimli Ridge Video My goal for Sunday is to visit Alamo and / or Cody tjen drive home.

I will contact you when I get to my brothers or when I get to Nakusp. That should be no later than 5pm Sunday July 28 Love you 🙂 talk to you soon!

Cool Games While Camping

Cool Games while Camping:

There are too much game to play while camping that gives camper charms and joy. These are few games you may like to play with your scouts/boys/girls/kids. Enjoy camping and passing fantastic time by playing this interesting games.

*Bead Roll

First make circle by sitting side by side. One hawser is laid in the region of the circle on each child’s lap. The captain begins by fixing one bead onto the hawser and passes it to the next man on to right. That person is instructed to pull or push it across the string to the next man to their right and so on around the circle. Beads are constantly placed so that each person finally has one in their hand they are trying to pass along. at last each person states what color the bead is in front of them they are trying to pass along.


This simple game is played in the entire group. All people closes their eyes and lowers their heads. The captain shout out 1-2-3- then utter look! When the captain shout “look,” the campers look up at one particular people. Campers cannot change who they are looking at during each round. If that person is looking back at him or her, both players are out. If that person is looking at a different person, the campers put their heads back down and wait for the next call of “1-2-3 Look.” Repeat the process at last two people will remain and game over.

*Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

All sits as group and make a circle and carol “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves,” while doing one action all together – repeat three times.
On the next carol, the group leader changes the action and then on the next carol, the person beside him or her does that action.
The action follows its way around the circle and the whole time the group is repeating the phrase. The captain must change the action after every beat, so that every people in the circle eventually ends up doing a different action.

*Animal Alphabet

The captain starts with the name of an animal that starts with the letter “A.” From there, go around the circle and have each people say the name of animal each beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. First see if you can get to the end of the alphabet and then see how many times you can complete the alphabet as a team.

*Animal Name Game

This is a group gamg so arrange the group in a circle. Each people chooses to be a different animal and calls out their choice to the group.
One person is selected as “It” and stands in the center of the circle. One person starts off the game by calling out that their animal name then other say different animal name like dog then cow etc. Recycle it each time with different animal name. “It” must tag the animal that is being “liked” before they declare who they like. If they successfully tag someone, they switch places with that person and start the game.

*Blind Cow

All players sit in a circle facing the center. One person is blindfolded and is the “Blind Cow.” The “blind cow” should be spun around and then brought to the center of the circle. A bell should then be passed around the circle and rung. The “blind cow” will then follow the sound of the bell. The game leader points at the person who should stop the bell. The “blind cow” now has to guess who is holding the bell (by pointing). If the person is right, the chosen person becomes the cow in the next round. If they are wrong, he has to go again (until he guesses right).

*Catch, Don’t Catch

One camper stay in the middle of the circle with a ball. They go around the circle saying catch or don’t catch to the campers. If a camper catches a ball and the person in the middle said don’t catch they are out and vise versa. As the campers get better speed it up, the last person standing is the new middle person.

Camping Essentials For next Trip, Top 15

Essential Camping Equipment:

The Camping essentials below are what many of you have been asking for. The Camping essentials listed will answer questions like, “What camping equipment should we pack for a camping trip?”. There is no way to shorten the list. There are many ways to plan your camping trip, for example, will you be car camping, backpacking, mountain climbing etc, but I suggest you not forget to consider these top 15 Camping Essentials For a successful Camping Trip. This is  a general list so your individual situation may require changes to this list.  Each situation needs special kits.

1. a. The North Face WindWall 1 women’s jacket delivers windchill-inhibiting comfort during active cold-weather activities. It is slightly less wind resistant than WindWall 2 and a touch lighter weight.

b. Keep wind and water outside where they belong with The North Face 1/2s Windwall Triclimate Jacket

 2. The Wild Country Duolite Touring Tent is ideal for backpacking. A two person tent, the Duolite is lightweight and super fast to assemble estimated time to assemble is only 10 minutes.

Compare different types and size of tents and buy your required tents from online store.

3. The new Velocity model is rated at 20degF/-7degC. It is ideal for Spring/Summer use and offers microfiber rip-stop polyester shell and linings.

Find more sleeping bag with different size so that you can compare and buy your needed one.

4. The Camp Chef Pro 60 2 Burner Camp Stove gives you tons of cooking power so you can pump out high-quality meals wherever you are.

Compare stoves and get more info.

5. Add the Uco Stormproof match kit to your camping supplies or emergency kit. It features a waterproof plastic case, 25 stormproof matches and 3 strikers.

Search more matches.

6. Eureka – Warrior 230 LED Lantern. A great light for family camping, you can turn this lantern on or off from 25 feet away. The remote has its own LED light for navigating around the campsite at night.

You can choose different led lantern so that no fear about fire burn.

7. The absolutely perfect accessory for any outdoor excursion – the Lucky Bums kids head lamp! Use the 2 powerful LED lights at the campsite, on the trail, in the backyard, in the dark, geez – anywhere!

Discover more head lamp and compare which one is best fit for you. You can buy online also.

8. William Joseph Mini Chest Pack is the perfect bag for you day trip to local waters. The William Joseph Mini Chest Pack is big enough to offer a full work station with convenient pockets.

Get more info or buy your desire mini chest pack from online stores.

9. Useful outdoors tool has a whistle, thermometer, magnifier and compass built in. So you need not to bring extra compass.

You can see more different types and functional whistle and compare which one you need.

 10. Adventure Medical developed the Ultralight Pro First Aid Kit at the request of the Yosemite Mountain School to provide pro-level equipment at a low weight.

Discover more first aid kit for outdoor camping and buy online for your next camping trip.

11. 1 month supply – 2 servings of food per day for 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 children. Also equals a 4 month supply – 2 servings a day for 1 adult. Servings included in this package.

Search for more option for your family package and single package of camping food.

12. Versatile multi-tool packs classic Leatherman features, plus specific tools for the military, law enforcement, civilian, and competition AR-15/M16 shooter.

There are more options and reliability of use and different shapes of camping multi tool pack in online store. Choose and buy one for your camping trip.

13. One of the easiest pumps to operate! The MSR SweetWater water filter features dual-action draw and a mechanical advantage to supply you with clean water quickly.

Find out more water filter for your next camping trip.

14. The Compact Hatchet from Wetterlings is ideal for camping and wildlife experiences due to its light weight and versatile qualities.

Different hatchet from online store buy from your home.

15. William Joseph Mosquito Annoyer has plenty of battery power to outlast mosquitos. The William Joseph Mosquito Annoyer will keep mosquitos away.

You can find out more here online store and buy for you.

This is a basic need for your camping trip but it is better when you plan for a camping trip please consider the place you camp and the situation your campsites and ensure your safety first.

Cheers Have fun with camping essential and do camping enjoyable.

Camping Sites Yukon River (Yukon government)

Another great Yukon territorial campground, many sites right on the Yukon River. You can go camping at Yukon river (Yukon government). There are 98 campsites. You can go to the sites and enjoy fantastic camping, fishing, wildlife viewing (mountain scenery).

You are allowed to carry Pets,Tents

Fees: $12

Before you start check the present road condition and check whether the campground is open?.

View Yukon Campgrounds in pdf.


Picnic tables, campfire pits, firewood, picnic shelter, hand-pumped cold water. Government campgrounds do not have RV dump stations. Some campgrounds also have wheelchair accessible picnic shelters.

Here is some rules to follow.

  1. If you want to camp you must register.
  2. Do all the activities in denominated areas.
  3. You may not reserve the sites before of your arrival.
  4. Place all your junk in the bear-proof trash containers.
  5. Staying limit per Campground 14 nights in any 30-day period.
  6. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Please turn off generators during these hours.
  7. All pets must be kept on a leash. And please pick-up after them.
  8. Use firewood responsibly. No hoarding and no bonfires please.
  9. Leave your firearms packed away. It is unlawful to discharge a firearm in or near a campground.
  10. Use commercial dump stations for RV liquid waste.
  11. Don’t feed the wildlife. That’s how foxes and bears become dangerous.
  12. To operate an ATV you must have: registration, insurance, licence and a helmet.

Camp Food ideas

Camp Food Why?

The foods differ substantially from the ingredients found in a typical home kitchen. The primary differences relate to campers’ and backpackers’ special needs for foods that have appropriate cooking time, perishability, weight, and nutritional content.

camp food

In camping area you will not get much time to cook as usual. You can not carry large cooking materials so you have to cook your meal in a limited time. Usually you may take 5-20 minutes to finish cooking. Campers often take fresh foods and consume generally first day. Also keep in mind that when you go for backpacking you must carry light weight foods because you need to carry all the equipment with you. As a canoeist, backpacker and hikers you may need to cover many miles each day. Which consume thousands of calories. So backpacker need average 480 calories per hour. For cooking time if have the opportunities to use campfire you may ignored the time factor.

Never forget to take Camping stoves when you go for camping. Because campfire may take long time to start but if you carry Camping stoves then you can start fast. It can be ready in a minutes.

Basic Camp Food List:


Tuna – vacuum-packed

Chicken – vacuum-packed

Beans – dried ‘cooked’

beans, or instant


Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

Ground Beef

Ground Turkey

Preparing Ground Beef or Turkey

Purchase leanest meat available

Brown in small chunks

Put in Colander, rinse with very hot water (removes fat) and drain

Put in Food Dehydrator w/paper towels. 150- 160̊ for 4-8 hours

Done when hardy and crumbly

Double bag – suck out air with straw – good for 1 week


Fresh Fruit and Vegetables bought unrefrigerated last longer.

Carrots – dried – leathery, deep orange

Celery Bell Peppers –dried – shriveled, leathering

Onions– dried – brittle, hard



Apples– dried – leathery to hard

Blueberries – dried – hard and dark

Dried Fruits – cranberries, bananas, apricots

Prep for Fresh Vegetables – Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers

Immerse washed, whole vegetables in a sinkful of cold

water w/ 1/8 cup regular chlorine bleach

Soak vegetable for a couple minutes, dry completely

Wrap in paper towling and pack in uncrushable container

Rinse before eating – good for 1 week

Dried Fruits and Vegetables – 145̊ for 2 ½ – 5 hours.

Next to fruits and vegetables above I’ve noted how to tell if done.


Pita or Tortilla


Rice – converted, jasmine, basmat, medium-grain

Instant Rice– less nutritious, cooks quickly

Pasta– the thinner the quicker it cooks

Potato Buds


Ramon Noodles

Bisquick– biscuits or pancakes

Hot Cereal– Oatmeal, cream of wheat, multi-grain



Block of Hard cheese – Cheddar, Colby, Swiss,

Gouda, Parmesan

-lasts for 1 week unrefrigerated, wrap well in plastic



Mushrooms– dried – sliced, crispy and light

Herbs – basil, oregano, parsley

Stroganoff Sauce– powdered

Red Sauce– powdered or plastic jar




Peanut Butter



Almond Butter


Instant Pudding

Oreo Dessert

Basic Camping Food List is taken from

 Basic Camping Food pictures.



Why Camping?

Camping is a term likely to live for a specific time in a temporary camp, tent and enjoying holidays with friends and family. Other words you can say it is an outdoor recreational activities. You can go camping and enjoy wildlife, hike, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, biking and many more opportunities. In Canada there are vast area where you can camp for free and some of the campsites apply charges low cost. You can discover more about camping. Camping at kelowna great area to find out campgrounds near kelowna.



It is a place where people go and enjoy camping facilitate with number of tents or small cabin or cottage which is temporarily made with some recreational facilities.

It is a sports place where special training conducting. It is generally use for army/soldiers training.

camping camping05

camping04 camping02

camping06 camping07

camping09 camping10

camping11 camping12

camping13 camping08

Interesting feelings share with your friends, family and partner while camping. In your holiday go away from crowd place (locality, village) and enjoy the feeling of nature.

Camp Challenges

1. Recycle an object into something useful

2. Identify 5 trees

3. Identify or describe 8 items with a magnifying glass

4. Find nature items beginning from A to Z

5. Construct a simple shelter and spend time in it with a friend

6. Be the first to fall asleep

7. Pick up 15 pieces of garbage and be prepared to talk about man’s influence on the environment

8. Create a poem and read it at Guide’s Own

9. Make a treasure keeper

10. Don’t complain for one day (compulsory for all!)

11. Make a nature centerpiece for the table

12. Lying on your back, observe the night sky

13. Do a good turn

14. Don’t speak during one meal

15. Complete the Fire Safety questions

16. Search for a tadpole

17. Find the most interesting pebble

18. Lie on your back and record every sound you hear in 15 mins.

19. Make notes about wind, clouds and other weather data and make a forecast for the next day

20. Find a plant that is useful to man

21. Turn over a stone or a log and sketch what was under it

22. Collect leaves of different shades of green and arrange them from darkest to lightest

23. Sleep under the stars for 1 night

24. Complete an acrostic using the letters in N A T U R E

25. Sketch your favourite area at camp

26. Follow an insect for 5 minutes

27. Using one match, light a fire and keep it going for 10 minutes

28. Identify 8 wildflowers

29. Build a bird’s nest

30. Find a spider’s web. Tell where you found it, how big it is and what it looks like

31. Find different nature objects that start with the letters in your first name

32. Make a sundial

33. With your patrol, carry out a 10 minute exercise before breakfast

34. Be the first patrol to have lights out and all quiet at night

35. Make a tent peg

36. Invent a new camp gadget

37. Teach a new song

38. Keep your gear tidy for one day

39. Do your duties/kapers without being told

40. Find north without using a compass

41. Help plan a Guide’s Own

42. What is the worst thing that can happen at camp? Present it in mime

43. Tell how to start a fire without using matches

44. How many reef knots can you tie in a minute?

45. Learn a new knot

46. Play an observation game

47. Help plan a campfire

48. Write a short letter to a Guide at camp

49. Watch a sunrise

50. Go for a walk with a friend. Find five things you have in common

51. Eat a meal blindfolded

52. Make up a cheer or yell for your patrol

53. Learn a new camp grace

54. Build a chair for a leader to use at campfire

55. Lay a trail for someone else to follow

56. Make up a song or rap about camp

57. Make a nature mobile

58. Make a kite and fly it

59. Draw a map of the campsite

60. Hide a treasure and give at least 5 compass clues

61. Make your site comfortable using gadgets you have made

62. Feed a leader

63. Build a woodpile and keep it dry

64. Make and play an instrument

65. Do a 30-second commercial for Guiding

66. Construct an LDU (Liquid Disposal Unit)

67. Make a stretcher and carry someone on it

68. Teach a game

69. Design a craft

Camping challenges taken from The Guide Zone