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While you plan an awesome summer adventure, you're probably considering every risk factor known to the outdoorsman / woman and then some. Every thing from chapstick to an ultra lite first aid kit to prepare you for the unexpected. [caption id="attachment_197764" align="alignleft"... Read Full Article

Share your favorite camping story! Just leave a comment the bottom of this page. I was at Christina Lake BC in July (2009) and the warm water, large camp sites and great campground managers makes it a top destination for family camping in my books! [caption... Read Full Article

Free Camping in British Columbia is available at over 1100 forest service sites across the province. Enjoy the links and other information on this page to help you find your next free camping campsite. Also consider the "cons" to free camping as there are no services at most free campsites. Noise levels and rowdy behaviour is not managed, so be prepared to leave for alternate campsites or ignore music you may not enjoy.

Crown Land Camping in British Columbia is a resource accessible to all Canadian residents. Yes, not only in BC but in all provinces. This article provides resources of how where and when to use Crown Land. Leave a comment below with crown land questions and it will be answered!

A day in the life of Derickson Trapline by Ray Derickson. A trapper in the Okanagan. Gentleman this is an update on Derickson Family Trap Line Saturday March 04, 2017 Thumper & Amber drove me to the trapper cabin and met my friend Stan there and we unloaded  wood... Read Full Article

Filleting a fish can provide a boneless tasty meal from your catch of the day. 2 minute video shows you how. Don't gut your fish, fillet it!

Chemical/ Mechanical Starts and Special Effects REMEMBER: Check all fire ban notices for your area. Have water for putting out hot-spots. When leaving your camp, make sure your fire pit is cold to the touch. ... Read Full Article

Lynx caught in a live trap

Okanagan Nation Alliance wildlife program is pleased to say that we’ve concluded our lynx live-trapping and collaring effort for the 2015-16 winter. Each cat is permanently ear-tagged with small matching blue swing tags marked with a unique number and the letters “WDFW”.

Renting a boat in Kelowna can help you reach various Okanagan Lake points of interest that most tourists (and residents) that are only driving through the valley will never see up close.  Read Full Article

Sportz Truck Camping Tent - Styleside 5.5 Bed

I just ordered my new motorhome! I searched on my laptop and while I searched my wife and son searched via smartphone for best prices on Ford's tent accessory package option. I was surprised to see that there are not too many websites with deals on this tent in a box. I found the... Read Full Article

BC Forest Service Road Condition and Updates - Please Post your information via the comments below. I promote getting out into the woods and the backcountry of BC. Many British Columbian recreation sites can be enjoyed with a bit of planning and luck. Often, I will... Read Full Article

While the school strike is on in British Columbia, I need to find more things to do for the kids. I thought hiking on Big White while the ski hill is shut down might be a nice change. I sent the Big White folks an email: " I'm taking take five kids up hiking on the... Read Full Article

Kelowna Physiotherapy at home for the hiking season!

While you plan an awesome summer adventure, you’re probably considering every risk factor known to the outdoorsman / woman and then some. Every thing from chapstick to an ultra lite first aid kit to prepare you for the unexpected.

Hiker walks on Mountain Trail

Hiker walks on BC Trail

The thing is, many of us who like to hike go a little farther and a little higher every year as we seek out new backcountry challenges and we haven’t found our limit. We risk a catastrophic end to an epic trip or in the least a really annoying injury that will require us to abruptly end our trip and limp back to the beginning or to a painful end. Take my friend for example; he planned, prepared, jogged and thought he was ready for the West Coast Trail only to find himself flying via helicopter after a knee injury. I believe pre trip training and preparation of the hamstring, hip flexors and gluteal muscle groups (a long way to say the “Core”) will go a long way to keep you healthy and realize your dreams.

hamstring, hip flexors and gluteal muscle groups

hamstring, hip flexors and gluteal muscle groups

Ignore the core and you may be calling your doctor or physiotherapist after your summer adventure for relief of one of the following types of injuries that are common to hikers.

Hiking Injury Categories


Camp for Free in B.C.

Free Camping In BC – please post your experience below!

View campgrounds near you and Free Camping campsites in the campround directory.

Over 1100 British Columbia Recreation Sites have been created throughout B.C. These campsites, many of which are free campsites are located near great hiking and fishing areas. Several hundreds Forest Recreation sites, now simply called “Recreation Sites”, and 200 trails are managed through service contracts or partnership agreements.

The Agreements are administrated through the BC provincial government division – RSTBC (Recreation Sites and Trails B.C.) in partnership with recreation groups, First Nations, forest companies, regional districts, private organizations and other entities. Of course, many visitors and other groups volunteer their time and services to help maintain recreation sites, trails and facilities across British Columbia.

There are three types of recreation sites:

  1. Managed with fees,
  2. Managed without fees, and (Free)
  3. User maintained. (Free)

At Canada/s Campground Directory, ( by visiting the home and allowing your geo location to be used when asked, all the Recreation campsites we have listed, will show on the resulting map on any screen. The results will show Free and Managed recreation sites, Provincial Parks, National Parks and my some of my own crown land places to camp for free.

Get the most updated information on Recreation sites and Provincial parks by visiting the official website  link that I have listed on each individual profile page for the campground that can be viewed after clicking the icon that represents it on the Campground Directory map at

Camp for Free on Crown Land.
Crown Land – administered by each province

Camping in Canada on Crown Land is always free.
(Yes this is True…Free Camping – one reason why I love Canada!)

When camping on Crown Land your power source is always close – just plug into the nearest current bush :-)…or just get one of those nifty solar panels that you can plug into!

The way to camp on crown land is to drive to a place you can safely park at. A good area to park is usually on some logging road. Try not to park on highways as your car may get damaged and more importantly could actually be a danger to other motorists. Once you have found a parking area just backpack to a vista or nice secret fishing hole and enjoy the great outdoors. …and bears…and cougars…bugs…etc (Don’t forget the toilet paper. Oh …and always flush!)

Crown Land - Camping and Hiking Trails

Interested in Canadian and British Columbian free crown land camping and hiking information? I have found and listed here an executive summary of the official crown land rules and regulations for Crown Land use in B.C. (page 4 of the document) In the comments below, I have posted several links to amazing Crown Land mapping tools. Continue reading “Crown Land – Camping and Hiking Trails” »

A Real Canadian Trapline

A day in the life of Derickson Trapline by Ray Derickson. A trapper in the Okanagan.

Gentleman this is an update on Derickson Family Trap Line

Saturday March 04, 2017 Thumper & Amber drove me to the trapper cabin and met my friend Stan there and we unloaded  wood brought from property of Derickson family below home of Arron Derickson and piled in front of trapper cabin, cuz we had no use for the wood in fire shed this wood is in slabs and good for developing table tops beside the steel chairs to sit around out-side fire pit this can hold the coffee & beer, etc. Now for an explanation of snow conditions at trapper cabin the snow is ab out (5) feet deep crusted & frozen & fresh & powder, etc. Thankfully it is not summertime and raining but if it were, we would be sure to purchase a good rain jacket!

Stan & RND went up Two John Trail and the snow quickly became powder & hard & crusty & etc, I got stuck in the snow about half way to Two John Creek bridge and took us about (30) minutes to dig the ski-doo out of the snow hole of (5) feet deep and as Stan was driving the ski-doo out of the hole behind him  and  the hole filled with snow from the (20) inch track of ski-doo so we decided to turn around before circumstances got worse like going into deeper snow, etc. Or we could say when ski-doo play or hard work is on the agenda be careful cuz the powder snow is extremely a difficult part of nature to understand, I really do not mind the ATV for the bush roads much easier to handle than 4 or 5 feet of snow.

We went to Derickson Logging corner checking for grey wolf or wolves or coyotes but found none: too much snow. There was two feet of fresh snow and the crows & ravens had a few sticks of bone to chew on, taken from a dead animal nearby,  but no sign of wolves or coyotes or Lynx Cat. But there was good sign of Lynx Cat(s) around the open cat cages but they did not go for the bait.

IF time allows I will rtn by March 20/17 just to do a day’s work checking the wolf snares and then at month end cuz wolf season closes at March 30/17 and then rest time till summer seaon or if I could see a bear that would be a good animal to skin and have tanned here at Westbank Youth Centre bldg.

How to fillet your fish

I love canoeing the lakes around Kelowna and catching the occasional fish while I boat around. I have never taken the time to really learn how to make the most of the fish I catch though. Since gutting a fish is a messy prospect and too much work for the amount of meat that is on a small pan frying fish, I have been simply releasing them. That is all changed now!

My friend has referred a video to me that shows how simple it is to make the most of your daily catch. With a few cuts using the proper tool or fillet knife, a small trout can provide a boneless delicious fresh caught delight.

Campfire Effects and Fun

Chemical/ Mechanical Starts and Special Effects


  1. Check all fire ban notices for your area. Have water for putting out hot-spots. When leaving your camp, make sure your fire pit is cold to the touch.
  2. SAFETY FIRST Fires are dangerous – chemicals in fires are even more dangerous – BE CAREFUL
  3. If you must use corrosive, poisonous, or inflammatory material, always mix and use chemicals outdoors,
  4. Follow instructions to the letter. Do not experiment, mixing chemicals can be dangerous.
  5. Never throw a lighted match into a mixture to ignite it,
  6. Avoid large quantities – more is NOT better.
  7. ALWAYS PRACTICE FIRST Try out any campfire effects before the actual campfire event.

LESS IS BEST Use ONLY the minimum amount needed to achieve the effect you are looking for.

When you practice your effects, check reaction times between activation and ignition; especially if you are planning a story or activity to coincide with ignition. The ambient temperature will affect the times. Usually warmer weather will result in a faster reaction. Also, there are often noises or smoke that will indicate when the chemical is activated.

Always have a “Plan B” ready if “Plan A” fails – because it will, sooner or later.

SAFE(er) and EASY – you can share these ones with younger Guides, but beware of developing pyromania in impressionable girls.

SALT – NaCl a sprinkle of salt on embers will give a small yellow spark and crackle sound. This effect will be overwhelmed in flames.

SUGARC12H22O11 A small handful of sugar tossed onto the embers will provide flashing sparks and quick flares.

IRON SHAVINGS – Fe If you put iron shavings into a fire they will burn with a “sparkle”, same effect is available with commercial sparklers, as they contain metal powder; just twist the wires to crumble off the ‘sparkle.’ These will be visible at any stage of the fire.

TEA LEAVES sprinkled on embers give a nice effect – too many will result in flames and the effect will be lost.

MAGAZINES – strong ink colours in magazines are made of many chemicals that will give coloured effects. Roll the page tightly and add to the embers so the colours are easily seen.

CHEMICALS (make sure your fire is well set – has a bed of coals – before using as the fire has to have the high temperature to get the effect your looking for. A big fire is not the kind of hot fire you’re looking for. A small campfire with a good bed of coals is what you desire.

In general, different chemicals will give a flame a different color. Table salt (NaCl, or sodium chloride) will give a flame a yellow colour, for example, from the sodium.

Note: SOME campfire effects below ARE UNTRIED…. I haven’t gotten around to trying all of these yet, many are components of fireworks, but may need admixtures to give a good effect. If you try them, please let me know how they go.

COLOURED FLAMES  and Campfire – FX (also see chemical starts below)

Yellow  potassium nitrate (salt petre), sodium chloride (table salt)

Orange  calcium chloride (“Road Salt”), Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 for a Reddish Orange – can be found in antacid, also the main component of seashells and agricultural lime. Chalk used to be made of calcium carbonate, but is now often made of gypsum (dihydrate of Calcium Sulfate which is also found as a hemihydrate in Plaster of Paris – may be worth a try if you have some at home to experiment with)

Red strontium nitrate – This one is awesome but a shot lived effect

Purple  lithium chloride – so so 

Blue Magnesium Sulphate – nice but short effect

Green borax, barium nitrate, copper sulphate, (copper pipe included in the construction of the fire will also give longer lasting green flames)

White Magnesium filings/ powder – very bright and quite long lasting, also makes lots of smoke – this is the stuff used as a base in flares, can also be used with other chemicals for longer lasting colours

Copper Sulphate – Blue

Copper Chloride – Green and Purple – Do Not Touch or breath this stuff unless you want a very sore stomach. Keep away from children. Keep away from water as it is a marine pollutant!!!!! – totally awesome long lasting fire effect.


Silver powdered aluminium

Gold  iron filings


Red  equal parts by weight of strontium nitrate and powdered magnesium

Green equal parts by weight of potassium nitrate and boric acid, powdered sulphur, powdered

SMOKE – Black gunpowder (I don’t recommend this one)

Delivering these chemicals can be done be laying them when the fire is made, or delivering them during the campfire by pre-making “shots” that can be flipped into the fire. A “shot” is made by creating a tightly rolled ball of paper, dipped in wood glue and the roll in a tray of the chosen

chemical. The chemical will coat the outside of the ball and react when thrown into the fire. Store these “shots” in an egg carton until needed – one “shot” per egg carton section.

Mechanical Starts

Steel Wool and “D” cell batteries are frequently used in survival techniques as an emergency method of starting a fire. Based on this principal, one camp fire start idea is to use steel wool in the fire lay (surrounded by small dry kindling) remotely attached to a car battery. The battery could be disguised by hiding in a box that would double as a seat for the Campfire Leader, with a switch on the side of the box to complete the electrical circuit and start off your fire.

The “Flaming Arrow” is a traditional favourite of Scouts. Drive a stake a little beyond the heart of the fire lay, as it is being laid. From this stake run a length of nylon fishing line up to a nearby high point and tie securely so that the line is very taut. The angle should be sufficient to ensure a smooth and

fairly rapid decent of the ‘arrow’ otherwise you run the risk of the flame burning through the fishing line before the arrow reaches the fire. The arrow should be attached on two spools, and have the kindling/ wadding securely attached. You need an assistant to light and release the arrow.

Chemical Starts

Starts with water – Crush 1 teaspoon of iodine crystals to a very fine powder (Note: The powdered iodine “evaporates” very quickly. This mixture must be used within about 10 minutes of preparation.)

Then mix with 2 teaspoons of powdered aluminium. IT IS CRITICAL THAT THIS MIXTURE REMAINS ABSOLUTELY DRY.

Place this mixture in the fire lay on a piece of plywood, forming a volcano shaped mound. When the participants are gathered around the campfire, ask if anyone has a canteen of water in case the

fire gets ‘out of hand’ (you may want to set this up beforehand).

Pat your pockets as if looking for a match, but finding none, ask to borrow some water. Sprinkle it on the fire lay (ensure a few drops hit the iodine/aluminium mixture) and you will be greeted by billowing purple smoke, followed by deep red flames.

A teaspoon of Pinesol or Pine Oil is placed in a shallow container within the fire lay. The story used to introduce this magic fire start is based on the ashes from a previous campfire. The “Ashes” are a half a cup of HTH Granulated chlorine. When the two are combined, they produce a large quantity of white smoke, followed by flames. This is a relatively slow reaction. I have never used this one with Guides as the Chlorine smoke is TOXIC.

Roman Candles – BRIGHT white shower of sparks – one of the easiest to make and use and most readily available. All you need is sparklers from the store and a cardboard roll. Tape the bottom of the roll closed and take one sparkler out of the packet. Twist the remaining sparklers in the packet until all the chemical is cracked off. Pour the granules into the roll. Usually 15 sparklers in the roll is sufficient for a spectacular candle. The remaining whole sparkler is used as the fuse. Insert the sparkler into the roll, making sure the granules come into contact with the chemical on the wire (try it upside down). The candles can be used beside the fire for effect, or used in the fire where the sparks will fall on the tinder to start the fire.

NEW: pour the granules into a skinny aluminum can with the top cut off instead of the cardboard roll. The can burns away and the effect is heightened by the bright white burn of the aluminum.

Conte’s Crystals and Glycerine – A small mound of Potassium Permanganate (two tablespoons) on a foil tart tray is hidden in the fire, surrounded by punk, but where the effect will be visible. The glycerine can either be dripped onto the tray (when adding ‘ashes’), or set up in the fire lay in a container with a string attached, or any other method so the leader can start the reaction remotely. Too much glycerine will smother the reaction. Experiment with this one to determine quantities and time. The reaction usually takes 20 – 30 seconds, depending on the weather. Cooler temperatures slow the reaction.

Wápupxn (Lynx) Transboundary Monitoring Trial - Derickson Trapline - West Kettle River, BC

The Okanagan Nation Alliance wildlife program is pleased to say that we’ve concluded our lynx live-trapping and collaring effort for the 2015-16 winter. Our target was to capture and collar three lynx as an operational trial toward a better understanding of lynx movements through the Kettle River landscape and genetic relationships to lynx in Washington State.

Three lynx, all males, were successfully captured, GPS collared, ear-tagged and released; all on the Derickson Family Trapline in the West Kettle River drainage, Syilx Territory. Trapping, handling and release went smoothly in each case. The ONA wildlife Lynx being tagged team will now move into monitoring each cat at least monthly by VHF radio with the intention of recovering data stored onboard the drop-off GPS collars later this year or as soon as practical in 2017. Each cat is permanently ear-tagged with small matching blue swing tags marked with a unique number and the letters “WDFW”. If sighted or reported, please convey the information to me!

Photos L-R: Trappers Ray & Graeme Derickson with Amber; Trapper Russell Baines with Russell; Amber in the live trap; ONA biologist Al Peatt with Thumper.

The capture and trapping team consisted of:
ONA wildlife staff: Al Peatt, RPBio (project lead & primary handler) and biologists Autumn Solomon and Alexis Friesen.
Trappers Ray Derickson (Westbank FN); Russell Baines (Westbank FN); Graeme Derickson (Westbank FN); and TJ Gooliaff (UBCO MSc student).

image007 image001

To make this project possible, many other people and agencies assisted in project planning, support and implementation by provision of funds, supplies and/or expertise. These include: Dan Thornton (Washington State University); Jen Watkins and Joe Scott (Conservation Northwest); Scott Fisher and Paul Jensen (DNR); BC Min. of FLNRO; BC Min. of Environment; Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; Ross Everatt; Dr. Barrie Hume; and Dr. Allan Gill.
Thank you all!

Live trapping with daily trap checks commenced February 27 on the Derickson Family Trapline in the upper West Kettle River drainage; a total of eight live-traps were deployed during several trapping sessions.

February 28: “Russell” a 12kg male lynx captured, successfully collared and released. Russell became somewhat trap-happy, has remained in the area. He was caught and released three times in total.
March 24: all traps disabled for the holiday and crew break.
April 7: four traps re-opened.
April 17: “Thumper” a ~13kg male lynx captured, successfully collared and released.
April 19: “Amber” a 9.6kg male lynx captured, successfully collared and released; all traps closed and live-trapping discontinued for the season.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me!
Best regards, Alan

Alan Peatt, RPBio
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Okanagan Nation Alliance
(250) 707-0095 x213

Kelowna Boat Rentals

Renting a boat in Kelowna can help you reach various Okanagan Lake points of interest that most tourists (and residents) that are only driving through the valley will never see up close. Rattlesnake Island is my favourite natural tourist attraction that nature provided free of charge! It is historic for a number of reasons. Eddie Haymour and his misplaced efforts to claim the Island and turn it into a tourist attraction complete with a pyramid and other attractions added a colourful page to Okanagan’s history. The remains of his misplaced efforts can be viewed on the island. In 2003 the Okanagan Mountain Park fire began very close to the Island and many folks thought the fire started on the Island, which always amused me. 🙂 When I canoed to the Island several years ago, I launched from near Peachland and docked at this beautiful location: Rattlesnake Island Cove If you check out this video you will see rock cliffs to climb on and dive from.

Rattlesnake Island is not the only Island on Okanagan Lake. There are two island that I know of. The second island is less known and can be visited by boating near Carrs Landing or just off shore of Kopje Regional Park. “Roadside Nature Tours through the Okanagan: A Guide to British Columbia’s Wine Country” by Richard Cannings states, “…Grant Island, also know as Whiskey Island. This site hosts one of the largest Gull colonies in the British Columbia interior. …at that (1968) time the Island was renamed in honour of Jim Grant, a well known naturalist and mentor.” As I right this and view the area on Google maps I see that at Carrs Landing (just north of Grant Island and Kopje Park, there are two small islands, so that would make a total of four natural islands in the entire (approx) 100 km long Okanagan Lake.

If your entertaining the thought of renting a boat from Kelowna Boat Rentals to cruise the lake and enjoy the sun in Kelowna, Squally point is a famous cliff diving location. It is one of the several marine attractions along the shores of Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park and is located just south of Rattlesnake Island. In addition to diving, fishing and swimming throughout the Okanagan Mountain Park recreation sites, you can also appreciate Rattlesnakes as they bath in the sun (less know fact: the rattlers also swim to the island occasionally), view ancient pictographs and even camp overnight at the official recreation sites designated as marine sites. I could go on but I can’t say it better than the Provincial Government, here is how they state it. “A boater’s paradise, this wilderness park dominates the east side of Okanagan Lake between Kelowna and Penticton. Six marine campgrounds and secluded bays and sheltered sandy beaches tucked into the 33 km of undeveloped shoreline make water exploring a true adventure.” View their maps and get more park information about fees for the marine sites that may be charged.

While on the topic of Provincial Parks, it is worth mentioning there are several provincial parks that provide sunbathing, camping, swimming, boating opportunities, boat launches and much more. The most popular are Bear Creek Provincial Park – located opposite side of the lake from Kelowna, Fintry Provincial Park near Fintry BC on the west side of t he lake, Ellison Provincial Park located near the north end of Okanagan Lake, Okanagan Lake Provincial Park (two parks in one) located between Summerland and Peachland, Sunoka Provincial Park located at the south end of Summerland on your way to Penticton. You can camp at all those parks at regular provincial fees that are spiraling upward every year.

For a lower camping fee, if you do not want to camp at the marine sites on the shores of Okanagan Mountain Park and chase away rattlers, you can rent a boat travel north to Evely Recreation Site.

On Okanagan Lake, there is a never ending choice of beach fun. From the busy and packed beaches of downtown Kelowna to quaint but still packed beaches of Peachland to nude beaches (if you so desire and know where to look) to beaches for dogs off leash and quite private coves and beaches maintained by the city along Lakeshore road you will have fun. Enjoy the Okanagan and let us know what your favourite boating experience is in the comments below!

Sportz Truck Camping Tent - Styleside 5.5 Bed

I just ordered my new motorhome!

I searched on my laptop and while I searched my wife and son searched via smartphone for best prices on Ford’s tent accessory package option. I was surprised to see that there are not too many websites with deals on this tent in a box. I found the price on a few websites but when I called my local Ford Dealer their price was about the same, $289. I ordered it and it will be  here in a couple of days. After we use it for a trip to the east Kootenay’s I will update this post and write up a review.

Sportz Truck Camping Tent set up on Truck - Styleside 5.5 Bed

Sportz Truck Camping Tent – Styleside 5.5 Bed

BC Forest Service Roads

BC Forest Service Road Condition and Updates

– Please Post your information via the comments below.

I promote getting out into the woods and the backcountry of BC. Many British Columbian recreation sites can be enjoyed with a bit of planning and luck.

Often, I will go to find a recreation site or trail and find that a forest service road or FSR is decommissioned or simply impassable. Other times I will find large washouts exist on parts of the road but usually see that the dangerous areas are flagged. Some of the washouts will stop an RV from reaching their camping destination or other times if one is speeding, a washout or other dangerous road condition could lead to a catastrophic end to an otherwise exciting adventure.

The following British Columbian Road Condition links will be helpful to you if you are heading for a weekend adventure regardless if you have a 4X4 or not. Please check the links for regular updates to find if your back country route is safe and open.

The following links are updated by individual forest service districts.

First, this BC Forestry Regions link may help find more than what I have found below.   All users have a responsibility to check for updated conditions and use forest roads according to current conditions.  Road conditions can change without any warning and this ledger may not reflect such conditions.

  • In the SELKIRK RESOURCE DISTRICT (Arrow Boundary, Columbia, and Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Areas) website you will find a excel spreadsheet that has the regions FSR updates by looking on the menu at the left and clicking the link under engineering the this Selkirk area Road Condition Report link.

the Chilliwack area…..can’t find a link?

Big White Hiking

While the school strike is on in British Columbia, I need to find more things to do for the kids. I thought hiking on Big White while the ski hill is shut down might be a nice change. I sent the Big White folks an email: ” I’m taking take five kids up hiking on the mountain on well marked trails only. Is there anything I should be aware of as far as parts of the mountain being closed etc?” I asked.

Here is the reply I received and thought someone else may find it helpful:

Subject: hiking


We have only one trail that is actually open to hiking.  The trail is marked with orange Inukshuks from the Village to the top of the cliff and back down to the Village again.  The  rest of the mountain is essentially closed.  Please be advised there is no patrols on the hill so be sure someone knows where you have gone and when to except you back.

Regards, Debbie

Big White Reception
Big White Ski Resort Ltd.
Direct Line:

db Paracord

db Paracord bracelet and compass

db Paracord bracelet and compass

db Paracord has been supplying paracord bracelets for over 2 years and has built a reputation for great product quality and service. We have a trademarked product calledCamo For A Cause and have supplied some of the best companies both locally and Nationwide. This year we are adding 1/4 zip jerseys, t-shirts, and hats to our Camo For A Cause paracord bracelets.  Some of our most prestigious clients are:

  – Cabela’s (National).
  – Duluth Pack (Minnesota)
  – D-Day survivor, Silver Star & Purple Heart recipient, active duty military & veterans, and Blue Star family members.
  – Chad Greenway & Ben Leber – Minnesota Vikings, Karl Gillingham – World power lifter, TV show producer, Chris Hawkey Band, and others.
Additionally we were chosen by Cabela’s to supply paracord bracelets to ALL of their floor employees in ALL of their United States locations as part of a product launch.
Paracord bracelets can be used as sales items, for campaigns & fundraisers, or represent a  company or individuals style.  The possibilities are endless and no order is too large or too small and we provide the same great product and service with all orders.
Here is our Aug 8 2014 press release:
Teen Business Finds the Perfect Partner for Causedb Paracord Launches Camo for a CauseTM Survival BraceletCROSSLAKE, MINNESOTA – db Paracord launches new product; Camo For A CauseTM survival bracelet.Starting in September, the db Paracord Camo For CauseTM survival bracelet will be sold in 13 Cabela’s stores Nationwide. The connection between Cabela’s and db Paracord was made by Damon’s father Bruce through social media and they continue to rely on social media every day.

“We are very excited to be working with a great outfitter like Cabela’s and expect that our companies will continue to work together and this will help db Paracord grow and support our cause,” said Damon.

Camo For A CauseTM survival bracelets will be distributed at these Cabela’s locations: Boise, Idaho;

Hammond, Indiana; Scarborough, Maine; Dundee, Michigan; Owatonna, Minnesota; Rogers, Minnesota; Sidney, Nebraska; Hamburg, Pennsylvania; Buda, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Lacey, Washington; Wheeling ,West Virginia; and Richmond, Wisconsin.

Db Paracord’s mission is for you to show your passion for the outdoors and supporting your cause with the db Paracord’s Camo For A CauseTM survival bracelet. The camouflage paracord allows people to see that you love the outdoors and with the pink running through the core of the bracelet represents core belief; the fight against breast cancer. db Paracord is donating $.50 from every bracelet sold to the db Paracord was founded by 16 year old Damon Billington in 2012. Damon originally made camo and orange bracelets and gave them to friends. After enough people began asking for bracelets Damon decided to launch db Paracord with the help of his four closest friends. db Paracord builds custom bracelets, bow slings, fishing lanyards, and turkey totes. The money raised from the team’s hard work will go towards their cancer charity and their college funds.

Rail Trail Map - Vernon to Kelowna

The Rail Trail quick stats:

  • 49.9 km in length
  • max grade of 1.3 percent
  • 24 km of lakeshore along Kalmalka, Wood and Duck Lake
  • Connects Kelowna, Winfield, Oyama, Vernon and Coldstream
  • Safe access to UBCO
  • 23 Parks within 500m
  • 22 points of interest within 500m
  • Green Transport Corridors
  • More Rail Trail Information, images, resources, studies and reports
Rail Trail to connect six Okanagan Communities

Rail Trail will connect six Okanagan communities if approved by government.

Inexpensive staycation where you can meet tourists and be an ambassador of Langley?

Camp hosts needed for oTENTik program
at Fort Langley National Historic Site

Fort Langley, March 18, 2014 – Looking for an inexpensive staycation where you can meet tourists and be an ambassador of Langley? If you have a motorhome and have a few weeks to spare between July and Thanksgiving, why not consider being a campground host at Fort Langley National Historic Site?

Campground hosts greet visitors and provide them with information and instructions on using the oTENTik accommodations inside the fort. They are available to volunteer for between two to four weeks, up to five hours per day, five days a week. Campground hosts must provide their own self-contained camping unit and are given free RV parking on site, hydro and water hook up, personalized vests, an annual pass to the site and a small honorarium for their service.

In 2013, Parks Canada launched the exciting new oTENTik accommodations inside Fort Langley National Historic Site. The oTENTik tents—a cross between a tent and a cabin—offer urban families and tourists an ideal way to discover the joys of camping with the comfort of beds, fridges, barbecues, and complimentary breakfast. This ‘turn-key’ camping offer is a great way to introduce camping to families who don’t own the equipment, and to grandparents who want to camp with their grandchildren but no longer want to sleep on the ground.

This program provides an excellent opportunity to spend time living in, learning about and promoting Fort Langley National Historic Site!

For more information and to apply email or call 604.513.4784.

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