Mt. Ugo-established trails and great view

Of the 4 Cordillera’s Great Traverses, Mt Ugo has the lowest elevation but this does not mean that it has the least challenge. The mountain is located at both Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet. The trail to the summit is well established because hundreds of hikers climb this mountain every year. Your trek will begin at Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya which is 1-hour away from Baguio City. You can get your guides at the police station where you will also need to register because they now require it for mountaineers. The trail going to the Indulpit village is the hardest because of the steep terrain and it is a continuous ascent. This a bit difficult but very rewarding because of the fresh smell of the Pine trees and the magnificent view of Cordillera’s different unnamed mountains. After about 4 hours of endless ascent, you will finally reach Indulpit village. Here, you can stare at the summit of Mt.Pulag. You should make sure that the weather is fair while climbing this mountain because it is when it will offer the best view of Cordillera. After that, the trail will be a lot easier. You will even pass Mt.Samiento and then soon enough, the campsite.

There is a water source near your campsite and it’s a good idea that you refill your water jugs before your assault to the summit because it will be the last water source. Climbing this mountain looks easy because all your perspirations will be taken away by the beautiful view along the trail. You will reach the summit after 2 hours. The trail is very similar to that of the Ambangeg trail to Mt.Pulag. Mt. Tabayoc, Mt. Pulag, and Timbak can all be viewed from here.

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  1. Pine Trees is abundant in Benguet, most especially in Baguio City. This is why it is called City of Pines. A long time ago, when the place was not as urbanized as it is now, you can definitely smell the Pine trees, but now all you can smell is smoke coming from vehicles. There is this place in Baguio City called “Pine trees of the World”, the place was called such because of the different variety of Pine trees that can be seen all over the world that are planted in that area

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